Punch Bowl Cake Recipes

Punch Bowl Cake Recipes

Best Punch Bowl Cake Recipe

It is often perceived as a work of art well beyond comprehension and considered much less possible yet to replicate to see a well-organized punch bowl cake. The very idea of the setting, the layering, the perfect combinations set in the perfectly right spots all mixing together at the right time in the right place in your mouth leave you wonder struck. Punch bowl cakes, at that moment seem to us a dream that is too good to be true. No wonder we all get the urge to lick the plates after we’re done with a punch bowl cake.

What You Need:

Don’t get overwhelmed so easily. In the end, punch bowl cakes can be made after a few tries. Let’s discuss what you’ll be needing to start with. Since we’re not talking about baking simple cakes because this you clearly want to know how to make a punch bowl cake, we’ll start when after the cake is done. That means when you have that 1-2 layers of cake mix prepared, the 2 packages of puddings prepared, your 16-ounce container of toppings whipped and all set. And of course, the 20-ounce can of cherry pie filling or two if you’re going for more. One way to go about it would be to have a ready-to-eat pound cake from the market and slice it into cubes. We can talk about the pineapple punch bowl cake in this recipe just for an example, but mostly punch bowl cakes follow the same idea.

cherry punch bowl cake

You’ll be needing your flavor ingredient or the main specific ingredient for the punch bowl cake to be on the go. That means your pineapples should be crushed, your chocolate paste should be ready or whatever you are adding in your molten flavor layer. Your walnuts, flaked coconuts, pineapples and/or strawberries should be crushed and fresh.

The Procedure:

The theory to go about when making a punch bowl cake is to think of it as a house. You want a blueprint of it, floor by floor. What do you think will need to be in the bottom to maintain the shape of the cake and be the taste that you would want to hit the top or bottom side of the mouth? A punch bowl cake is only as good as the timings of the different layers of taste exploding into your mouth. Get creative, and innovatively place the cake cubes in the bottom. The trifle bowl sides should be filled if you don’t want anything wasted.

Now you know you need a layer of your taste-maker in there ready to go. Crushed pineapples, for instance, are spread across to fill the big gaps to save the paste that is going to be added next. Gently allow it to tell you how much goes where and accordingly without haste, pour the layer of your pudding. Just after that, you should get that whipped cream you have and have it go with the pudding, giving it a nice touch of delicate taste. This also helps in strengthening the foundation of your cake.

chocolaty punch bowl cake

Now to add the pie fillings like say, cherry pie fillings in the case of the pineapple punch bowl cake. And there you have it, your first floor of the house or the foundation has been laid. Now if you’re going for the easy way, you can repeat the process again. But if you’re challenging yourself to a harder cake, you can add a different layer on the foundation according to the theory of laying all required and appropriate ingredients and tastes in the right places.


Lastly, when you’re doing the toppings, make sure to not leave any place unchecked for missing flavor. And before you lose your control and eat it, please let it chill for at least 60 minutes to have the perfect experience of the cake.

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