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What Is It About Veg Deodorizer That Makes It So Popular?

What Is It About Veg Deodorizer That Makes It So Popular?

If you think onions serve the purpose of eating only, then you might be wrong. This member of the Amaryllidaceae family makes the food flavourful and can be used as an air neutralizer. In a TikTok video, onions are seen in a bowl placed on top of a toilet tank. The audience was amazed at this food-centric trend. If you want to know more about it, read on to find out what shower onions are and everything related to them.

What are shower onions? Shower onions are natural deodorizers used to battle unpleasant odors in toilets. They are very useful for toilets with poor ventilation as they have the tendency to absorb different smells easily. Keeping onions in your bathroom is not something weird or new; there is a practical and rational reason behind it. People have been using shower onions for a long to prevent bathroom odors. This article contains particulars about shower onions, why people are using them, how long they stay, and what alternatives you can use instead of them.

Shower Onions On TikTok

Karalynn, a famous TikTok, can be seen in one of her shower onions TikTok videos snooping in her boyfriend’s bathroom. She discovered that her boyfriend had several self-care and hygiene products in his bathroom. As she further explored his bathroom, she saw a bowl full of shower onions on his toilet tank. Her audience was confused and baffled to see onions in the bathroom and made interesting comments. Later, Karalynn revealed that placing onions in her boyfriend’s bathroom was part of the script, but she did not know that it was actually normal for some people.

Why Do Toilets Smell?

People struggle a lot with their toilets being fetid. There are many reasons that toilets stink. The major issue among all is the presence of germs and bacteria on the surface of the toilet. So, make sure to wash your toilet daily. The other reason can be the clogging of your shower’s drain. To avoid drain blockage, clean your drain pipes with hot water and baking soda once a week. Also, shower onions are the best possible life hack to avoid odors.

How To Make Shower Onion?

If your toilet is musty and noisome, then simply try this trick. Peel and slice a large onion with a knife.

  • Put it in a bowl and place it on your toilet’s surface.
  • Leave it overnight and see the surprising results in the morning.
  • The onions will absorb all the smell leaving the air fresh.
  • If slicing onions make your eyes teary, you can also use a whole onion. Also, make sure to keep shower onions in a safe place if you have children or pets at your home.

How Long Do Shower Onions Last?

Shower onions, either sliced or whole last only for two days. So, it’s necessary to replace them after every two days.

Do You Eat Shower Onions?

Next time you see onions in someone’s bathroom, do not think they eat them as a snack. Shower onions cannot be eaten as they absorb all the harmful germs and fusty smells, serving as a natural deodorizer and neutralizer.

Do Shower Onions Work?

Tiktok is not the first place where this food centric bathroom hack first emerged. People have been using shower onions for a long as air neutralizers because they are cheap and effective.

Alternatives To Onions


Just like shower onions, lemons can also be used as a natural deodorizer. Take a few lemons and slice them. Place the sliced lemons in a dish on a surface overnight. Lemons will fight off all the odors and make the air fresh.

Baking Soda

An excellent cleaning agent, baking soda, can also be used to get rid of the odor. Sprinkle some baking soda on any surface in your toilet and rub it gently. Finally, wash it off with water properly.


If you think people keep indoor plants in their toilets and rooms to decorate them, that’s not the only reason. Many plants, such as Peace Lily, English Ivy, Spider Plant, etc, are placed in toilets and rooms to keep the air fresh and fragrant.


To sum up, shower onions are effective and cheap air neutralizers. They are excellent germ absorbers and a wonderful ingredient of a possible life hack available at home.
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