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10 Coolest Kitchen Gadgets

10 Coolest Kitchen Gadgets

Working in the kitchen has never been too much fun. But now the cooking time can be converted into fun time with these amazing and coolest kitchen gadgets. We have compiled a list of some of the coolest kitchen gadgets you can lay your hands on. We hope that these cool gadgets can make your cooking experience enjoyable and more fun;

Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer:

coolest kitchen gadgets

If you like cooking steaks or other juicy meat recipes than this gadget is definitely for you. This marinade infusing meat tenderizer is undoubtedly one of the coolest kitchen gadgets you can ever own. It will not only tenderize the meat but it will also infuse the marinating sauce (mixture) inside the meat as well; giving it more flavor. If you want to make your meat more tasty and full of flavor then we recommend you to buy one of these coolest kitchen gadgets.

Dip Clips:

dip clips

Another one from our coolest kitchen gadgets list is the Dip clips. Dip clips are a sure way to add unlimited sauce options to your plate. We all like dips and sauces and they’re a must for some foods especially if you are having snacks. But the problem is where to put them so you can easily dip your food in and enjoy. These dip clips are basically mini bowls that have clip on their sides; which lets you to attach them easily to your plates. These coolest kitchen gadgets are surely a meal saver; making it easy for you to carry different sauces around easily without the fear of mixing them together.

Wide Bag Cap:

wide bag cap

This gadget is a must-have in every house. It is a two piece gizmo that will not only reseal your food packages but it also gives you an easy access to grab them because of the lid. It not only makes the food in our reach but also helps in keeping the air out. It is available in small, medium and large sizes. This one from our coolest kitchen gadgets will turn your plastic food bags into plastic food containers.

Grill Clips:

grill clips

If you grill your veggies then you must know the pain and effort of keeping them in the right place. This cool gadget from our list of coolest kitchen gadgets will definitely solve your problem i.e. grilling your veggies. These grill clips can hold the thinnest of vegetables easily on the grill. Made from stainless steel these grill clips are long lasting and make your bar-b-que experience more fun.

Pancake Pen

pancake pen

This one is probably one of the coolest kitchen gadgets to own. By using this pancake pen you can actually customize your pancakes in whatever shape you want. You can write names, make smileys or whatever you can think of making from your pancakes. These are specialized plastic bottles whose nozzles are just the right size for any type of pancake batter, plus they can also be used to fill cupcake molds as well without creating any mess.

Julienne Peeler Blade

julienne peeler blade

This is one of the most remarkable gadget from our collection of coolest kitchen gadgets. We all know how difficult it is to slice veggies like carrots, squash, zucchini or cucumbers in julienne style. This peeler is a life saver in such cases as you can practically cut all these types of veggies easily by just using this peeler. It cuts so thinly that the veggies look like pasta.

Pasta Pot:

pasta pot

If you are fond of making pasta, then this gadget will come in handy for you. This is a very unique gadget with the colander lid. The pot is usually round or oval in shape and is used to boil all types of pasta. Due to its sieved lid, you can easily drain the water without wasting even a single piece of your pasta. Pasta pots are used by foodies all over the world as they make cooking quite easy and fun and they also eliminate the danger of getting burned while staining your pasta.

Unicorn Sprinkler Shaker:

unicorn sprinkler shaker

If you have little ones at home and you enjoy baking for them then this cool gadget is definitely worth having. This is one of the cutest gadgets from our coolest kitchen gadgets list. It is an icing sprinkler which is shaped like a unicorn. By having these sorts of dressing gadgets you can easily attract your kids to help you in decorating your cupcakes and cakes. These tiny gadgets not only make your kitchen look cool but they are also fun to use, it’s like playing while decorating your cupcakes.

Engraved Cookie Stamps:

engraved cookie stamps

Another one of essential baking gadgets that you must own if you are fond of baking. These stamps are one of the coolest kitchen gadgets that can be used in baking. With these stamps, you can customize your cookies. You can get all sorts of cookie stamps easily from the market. They are available in different shapes and sizes and you can also get your customized cookie stamp having your own name or any special message on it; that you want to have on your cookies.

Unique Tea Infuser:

If you are a tea lover then you must be familiar with the use of tea infusers. But what’s the fun in using the same old plain tea infusers. If you are a fan of tea then you will definitely love these new cool and funky tea infusers. These are indeed one of the coolest kitchen gadgets worth owning.

  • Mr Tea Infuser

mr tea infuser

This tea infuser is very unique and cool as well.

  • Polar bear tea bag holder

bear tea bag holder

a polar bear dipping your tea bag; now that’s really cute

  • Sharky tea infuser

sharky tea infuser

This is tea infuser is a masterpiece. It will bring back Jaws to life again, all you need to do is add red colored tea in it and then enjoy the show.

  • Rocket tea infuser

rocket tea infuser

This creative tea infuser will take you on a galactic tour.

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