Costly Foods: Thanksgiving Turkey Prices Surge 28%

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Costly Foods: Thanksgiving Turkey Prices Surge 28%

Residents of Nashville tell us that despite the continued rise in the cost of food (16lb turkey price), they are looking for new and creative ways to express their gratitude as Thanksgiving approaches.

Thanksgiving: Price Hikes

The holiday arrives at a time when several of our Thanksgiving favorites have seen price hikes of double-digit percentages. People have said that they are eager for Thanksgiving to be gone, while others have mentioned that they have to visit a number of different grocery shops to obtain the cheapest rates.

The Associated Press reports that the costs of Thanksgiving items, including turkey, potatoes, and stuffing, have reached a point where they have increased by a factor of two. Particularly, turkey (meat price) has increased by 28%.

16lb Turkey Price

We have to acquire a little bit of this, and a little bit of that since the shop’s brand name has caused the costs to skyrocket to such an extent that we have to.

A woman who lived in North Nashville and gave her name as Michelle Thompson said, “And in order to put together my Thanksgiving feast, I have to travel to three different places just to get a fair deal.”

Many have said that they would be providing their loved ones who are serving as hosts for the occasion with their own individual contribution of food. It’s too much for one person to be able to purchase everything for everyone,

Alesia Buchanan, a resident of North Nashville, said. “Everyone’s chipping in because it’s too much for one person to be able to buy everything for everyone.”

It is difficult for a lot of families to afford groceries these days, not only because of the price of the food but also because of the limitation on the food available on the store shelves. We were just in there some of the shelves are empty.

There’s no stock on stuff,” Buchanan said. “It is not only the price of the food, but also the limitation on the food availability at the store the shelves.”

According to Associated Press (AP), increased production costs aren’t the only reason food prices are rising; the Ukraine conflict, severe weather, and sickness are all factors.

“We’ve had to compress to the point where we’re combining two families together, and everyone needs to bring a dish so that it can be cost efficient for everyone to enjoy the holidays,” said Thompson. “We’ve got to do this so that we can enjoy the holidays.”

Sufficient Food Bank Demand

Based on the Bellevue Community Food Bank, their primary worry is that there will need to be sufficient food banks or pantries in Middle Tennessee to offer food, which will make it difficult to keep up with the demand for food. Individuals who live in Bellevue, West Nashville, Fairview, and Pegram will be given turkeys. People living in other regions are invited to the food bank between seven and seven thirty to obtain food and distribute a turkey to those people.

Final Words

The food bank reported that donations have significantly decreased over the past couple of months, and as a result, the needs outweigh the donations. If anyone is interested in making a donation, the food bank asks that they purchase gift cards from grocery stores so that they can purchase their most needed food items.

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