Doha Stadium: No Food Or Drink For Staff (6 Hours Fast)

Doha Stadium: No Food Or Drink For Staff (6 Hours Fast)

It took place today in Qatar; more than 200 Indian catering employees who had been employed for the first game of the World Cup between Qatar and Ecuador were abandoned outside the Al Bayt Stadium for six hours without any food or drink. The game was between Qatar and Ecuador.

Unethical Food/Drink Treatment 

Outside the new 650 million pound stadium, journalists talked to some of the individuals hired as cashiers by the catering business Qatar Star Services. Many workers were upset with their treatment and the working conditions they were provided with.

Staff Picked Up and Dropped off

205 men and seven women were picked up from their accommodations at 9 a.m. and dropped off at the 60,000-person stadium north of Doha at 10 a.m., but they were not permitted to enter the ground until early evening.

The employees informed the people reporting on them that throughout their long wait, they were not provided with any food or drink and did not interact with their supervisor. Instead, they were only ordered to wait until he arrived.

Staff Contract

The whole of the workforce has entered into a month-long contract with Qatar Star Services for the duration of the tournament, and the firm has stipulated in the agreement that they must work daily.

In addition to their earnings, they are supplied with a place to live as well as one meal every day.

In response to a question from a journalist, one of the employees said, “We are all cashiers, but we cannot go into the ground.” They are not yet prepared to receive us. We arrived at this location around 10 in the morning, but we were unable to enter until 4 in the afternoon. We are now simply waiting for our manager to arrive. Nothing has been provided for us, not even food or water.’

Forced to Remain Without Food/Drink

The reporting person got the opportunity to speak with another set of twenty female employees from the Philippines who were working as retail salespeople inside the stadium. They were not provided with food or drink during the three hours they were forced to wait outdoors.

Bottom Line

On the other hand, the top members of Qatar’s governing Al Thani family arrived at the stadium in a helicopter before being driven inside.

Does Fifa World Cup management expect contractors to treat them ethically? We would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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