Mexican Grandmas’ Molé Makes An Unforgettable Meal

Mexican Grandmas’ Molé Makes An Unforgettable Meal

Teotihuacan’s finest molé is under the Pyramid of the Moon. It’s a big boast, but Mexican grandmothers use their generations-old recipe to make the region’s greatest molé. Who’d argue?

Restaurante Techinanco, owned by Doña Emma and her two sisters, is lovingly known by locals as Las Abuelas de Teotihuacan” (The Grandmothers of Teotihuacan). Doña Emma quickly moves from the kitchen to customers’ tables, delivering a warm smile, comforting food, and, if you have time, a talk about Teotihuacan, a prosperous pre-Columbian metropolis that many historians and archaeologists consider one of Mesoamerica’s most powerful centers.

Locals and visitors love Restaurante Techinanco’s molé, which is the menu’s highlight. The Molé Négro, made from Mexican maize smut huitlacoche, is a must-try. Their rich molé was campfire-smoky, spicy, earthy, and sweet like a grandma’s kiss.

Customer Review: I felt awe and respect in Teotihuacan, where thousands of years of history were evident. I had lunch as memorable as the city’s history with Las Abuelas de Teotihuacan’s humble charm, gentle graciousness, and exquisite molé.

Watch: A recipe for the original Mexican dish is provided below for you to prepare at home

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