Brenda Gantt Cookbook (18 Top Recipes) – Book Review #2

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Brenda Gantt Cookbook (18 Top Recipes) – Book Review #2

You are going to adore Brenda Gantt (upcoming) cookbook, which is going to be called Brenda Gantt’s It’s Gonna Be Good Y’all. If you have watched any of Brenda Gantt’s videos on Facebook or have had the pleasure of getting to know her through the recipes that have been published, you are going to adore this book.

Brenda Gantt Cookbook 2022

In the early days of the COVID-19 epidemic, when she entertained and educated us while cooking Southern classics from her own kitchen in Andalusia, Alabama, Brenda was the first person to win our hearts.

Brenda established a following of devotees who tuned in week after week to learn the skill of Southern cooking and to listen to her tales about religion, family, and food. She became known for her trademark blend of comforting dishes and encouraging words of wisdom, which helped her build this following.

When Will It Be Released?

This autumn, she will release her first cookbook, which will be packed to the brim with more than one hundred recipes for her tried-and-true, good old-fashioned Southern cuisine, as well as useful tips and techniques, personal tales, and trademark dishes. Those who are new to Southern cooking may find a Southern glossary helpful in learning the terminology used in the region’s cuisine.

Brenda Gantt: Cookbook Recipes

Recipes are included for traditional Southern main dishes such as Chicken and Dumplings, Country-Fried Steak, and Meat Loaf, as well as regional sweets such as Pineapple Cake, South Alabama Sweet Cake, and more. It just wouldn’t be a Southern cookbook if there wasn’t a comprehensive list of side dishes, including everything from Big Mama’s macaroni and cheese to fried creamed corn. There is an abundance of recipes for things like bread, casseroles, and dips, all of which are guaranteed to leave readers wanting more.

18 Best Recipes

The Brenda Gantt cooking book has recipes for more than 70 mouthwatering foods that can be made on a regular basis and are suitable for everyone in the house. The instructions are basic and simple to grasp, making the recipes easy to practice. The dishes have an incredible flavour that evokes the flavour of traditional cooking methods that were uncomplicated and delightful.

  1. Biscuit Bowl Buttermilk Biscuits
  2. Tomato Gravy
  3. Fried Okra
  4. Squash Alabama
  5. Big Mama’s Macaroni & Cheese
  6. Warm Potato Salad
  7. Chicken & Dumplings
  8. Orange Slice Cake
  9. Chocolate Fudge Pie
  10. Chicken Pot Pie
  11. Macaroni Salad
  12. Cinnamon Rolls
  13. Ambrosia
  14. Poor Man’s Caviar
  15. Fresh Blueberry Pie
  16. Southern-Fried Quail
  17. Pear Preserves
  18. Mason Jar Trifle

Brenda Gantt Cookbook: Where To Buy?

  1. Cooking With Brenda Gantt Cook (book) on Amazon Prime- is easily available; Brenda is everyone’s favourite Southern granny, and knows that sitting down to a meal together is the most effective way to bond. Her heartfelt preparation and service of family dishes come directly from the kitchen. At $46.87 – Rating 97%
  2. Brenda Gantt cookbook eBay: At $599.99, the brand new copy – Rating 99%
  3. Etsy: Brenda Gantt cookbook used at $10.99 – Rating 92%
  4. Brenda Gantt cookbook for sale: The first edition of Brenda Gantt cookbook Hoffman Publishing, titled Its Gonna Be Good Y’all, was so popular that pre-orders for the second volume were immediately filled to capacity. Don’t let this opportunity get your hands on a copy of Linger Around the Table, Y’all pass you by; place your preorder right now! At $34.95 – Rating 91%

Book Edition: 2022 Vs. 2021

Mrs Brenda imparts sage advice on how to live a full life in her recently published book. Among other things, she emphasizes the need to cultivate healthy friendships and participate in activities that keep one on their feet. You’ll see Mrs Brenda inviting her friends from college into her home to celebrate Christmas. During the occasion, she’ll also invite her neighbours from her small Southern town of Andalusia, Alabama, for a winter lunch of beef stew and Alabama firecrackers. All of these events are depicted on these pages. She takes her readers behind the scenes of her favourite pursuits, such as:

  • Line dancing
  • Gardening
  • Sewing
  • Painting
  • Main cooking by sharing tales and photographs from her life.

This brand-new book has one hundred recipes developed by Mrs Brenda, all of which are ideal for when you wish to get together with loved ones and linger over a meal. It’s Gonna Be Good Y’all, Brenda’s first cookbook, was so popular that it ran out of copies in 2021. Brenda’s second cookbook is the ideal companion volume to Its Gonna Be Good Y’all.

In Closing

Visit the brendaganttbook on their official or other authorised sites to place your purchase for the book. Let her passion for her family and friends. Moreover, the art of cooking traditional Southern cuisine from the heart show through them and every page.

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