What is a Good to Serve with Chicken Marsala?

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What is a Good to Serve with Chicken Marsala?

Chicken Marsala is all time favorite recipe for non-veggie lovers. This is an Italian-American dish from golden-fried chicken cutlets and mushrooms in a rich Marsala wine sauce. It is the variant form of traditional Italian scaloppine dishes and most likely initiates with English folks who lived in western Sicily, where produces brandy-fortified wine called Marsala. Aside from its taste, this dish is not only low in saturated fats, but it is an excellent source of Vitamins, Protein and Minerals. Mushrooms are also high in Calcium and Fiber. Although, it is a traditional restaurant dish but it is quite easy to prepare at home with a fry pan in just 35 minutes. This type of dish provides full satisfaction in one meal, especially if it serves with incredible side dish to go along with it.

Chicken Marsala Dishes

Some masses like to put sauce on everything on the plate but some love to have side dishes with this delicious chicken dish. Some of the following dishes go well with it.

Parmesan Garlic Noodles Go Well with Chicken Marsala

parmesan garlic noodlesImage Source: Pxhere

Parmesan Garlic Noodles perfectly complement the richness of this Chicken dish if it contains sufficient ingredients. It looks delicious and all time favorite dish especially for children and younger. Moreover, it can be more palatable with some baby spinach or green peas aside from the parsley if you are more health conscious.

Almond Noodle: Great with Chicken Marsala

almond noodleImage Source: Pixabay

Chicken Marsala is best with almond noodles and you can place it over the noodles, or on the side, dependent on your choice. Most people consider it as the lightest and healthy side dish because the quantity of vegetables outweighs the presence of the noodles. It is mostly preferable to veggie lovers. Furthermore, you can make it quickly, for it only takes approximately fifteen minutes to prepare it. Rice noodles are there in the recipe and make use of almonds instead of peanut butter to diminish the fats.

Pasta: A Taste Apart with Chicken Marsala

good taste pastaImage Source: Pxhere

Pasta with little butter and fresh sage would be the best side dish with chicken marsala. It is one of the best filling dishes that do not require another dish to serve with it. beside good taste, pasta provides enriched diversity of essential nutrients including iron, vitamin B and folic acid.

White Rice

The next choice for side dish would be white rice. Chicken gravy goes well with plain rice or fried rice. For mouthwatering taste, it is good to mix cooked white rice with butter before serving. Moreover, Plain boiled rice fried with chopped onion, tomato, carrot and broccoli load many more health benefits in rice.
Some of the following veggie dishes can work with delicious marsala chicken.


The foremost vegetable dish to serve with it would be spinach. Garlic and extra cream with hint of parmesan add extraordinary taste in spinach. It is also an good source of vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A as well a good source of iron, magnesium and vitamin B12. It would be a healthy choice to serve with chicken marsala dish.

Steamed Asparagus:

steamed asparagusImage Source: Flickr

Steamed Asparagus would be another choice to serve. it is a great source of nutrients and low in calories. It provides number of potential health benefits. Beside it, lemon or cheese sauce over top of the steamed asparagus make it more delectable.

Green Beans:

green beans with chickenImage Source: Flickr

Green beans or parmesan green beans also can be served with appetizing chicken. It also fulfill the daily need of protein. Either boiled beans or fried beans with garlic touch can be served according to the taste. Beans enrich with high proteins and it makes this chicken dish more vigorous.

Mashed Potatoes:

mashed potatoes with chickenImage Source: Flickr

The another good pair with chicken marsala is Mashed Potatoes. you cannot go wrong with roasted or baked potatoes. potatoes usually can be paired with either broccoli or asparagus. The gravy of marshala chicken absorbs perfectly in mashed potatoes. Any type of roasted veggie or sauteed works well as a side dish.


Chicken Marsala is perfect fare for any party which offers the guests a scrumptious treat that is loaded with number of health benefits. So all the above mentioned dishes would be served with this dish according to the taste but noodles, white rice and mashed potatoes overshadow all the other side dishes.

Featured Image Source: Pexels

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