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The Benefits of Switching to Organic Foods

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The Benefits of Switching to Organic Foods

When the term ‘organic’ is used on produce, it refers to how the product has been grown or engineered to contain no herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and bioengineered genes (GMOs). This obviously makes it more of a natural and potentially healthy choice to make when shopping for your groceries. However, if you needed a bit more convincing, here are the main benefits to consuming organic.

You Will Be Consuming Fewer Chemicals

In most processed foods, meats, and fresh produce you will find traces of chemicals that can be damaging to your health when consumed on a regular basis. These chemicals are present in our food for a reason since they protect the growing plant from being spoiled by weeds and insects and rodents. When you think about the power these chemicals must contain in order to kill off rodents, you might stop and think about what they must be doing to our health as humans. Well, it’s not good, and over-exposure to pesticides has been linked to cancer and neurodevelopmental diseases, so the fewer you can consume, the better for your long-term health.

It is important to note that the lack of chemicals used in organic produce does come with the drawback of having a shorter shelf life, which is why it’s important that these products are packaged in air-tight packagings, such as what is produced at

It Is a Better Choice for Our Planet


Just as the overuse of chemicals is no good for our bodies, it is also no good for our planet. They leak into our soils and upset their natural process of filtering water to remove potential pollutants. Furthermore, consuming organic means that you are contributing less to the deforestation of our planet, since organic meats will be fed on grass, rather than soy-based products imported from over-farmed land.

Farm Animals Will Have a Better Life

Organically farmed animals
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Organically farmed animals will have a better life because they are free to roam through vast grasslands and feed on fresh, healthy, organic grass. Compared to their sad, battery farmed siblings, the grass-fed farm animals lead a much better life, since living conditions such as appropriate shade, area to exercise, fresh air, and clean drinking water are all taken into consideration. On organic farms, farmers believe that prevention is better than cure, and animals are looked after to avoid any illness from starting rather than neglecting them and feeding them antibiotics as a cure. This is a kinder way to care for the animals that are reared for us to eat and, if that is important to you, then it’s just another reason to eat organic.

There are many benefits to consuming organic products and supporting the organic movement to protect our bodies, planet, and the animals that are free to roam it. It is no surprise that more and more of the population are choosing to eat and drink this way, although there is always room for more. Hopefully, you have found reading these benefits useful and are more aware of the reasons why people choose to switch to organic.

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