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What is Certified Halal? An Explanatory Guide to Halal Certification

What is Certified Halal? An Explanatory Guide to Halal Certification

Chatime, Canada’s leading bubble tea brand, recently announced via Instagram that its entire drink menu is now Halal Certified. The brand has a reputation for being forward-thinking, accommodating and customizable, and many viewed the news as another mark of progress for the bubble tea chain. (Several commenters just replied “Slay” in congratulations).

If you’re unfamiliar with Chatime – or bubble tea in general, for that matter – consider yourself in for a treat. Bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink that blends satisfying tea and fruit bases with various flavourings (chocolate, hazelnut, roasted tea, etc.) and fun toppings like tapioca pearls, grass jelly and “popping boba.”Chatime is an innovative leader in the space, boasting numerous creative drinks on its Chatime Canada website.

What is Halal Certification, and why does it matter for Canadian boba lovers? In this article, let’s delve deeper into the announcement.

What Is Halal and Halal Certification?

Linguistically speaking, halal is the Arabic translation of the word “permissible.” However, for Muslims around the world, the term refers to the set of Islamic dietary laws. Some of these laws include restrictions, while others dictate how the product must be prepared. In order for dishes – or, in this case, beverages – to be halal, they need to a) be made from halal products and b) contain no haram products or by-products (the opposite of halal).

Naturally, it would be challenging for chains, food brands and individual restaurants to self-monitor for constant halal adherence. That’s where halal certification comes in. In Canada, The HMA (Halal Monitoring Authority) is the trusted regulatory body working on behalf of the country’s Muslim individualcommunity. They conduct inspections, oversee verifications, and ultimately hand down certification to those brands/businesses adhering to halal dietary laws.

On their website, HMA lists as “HMA Monitored & Certified Products” every single menu item at Chatime. That includes everything from Chatime’s Signature Milk Tea and Roasted Milk Tea, to innovative options like their Brown Sugar Pearl with Fresh Milk, Chocolate Malt Milk Tea and Candied Winter Melon Iced Tea.

Why Halal Certification Matters

Canada is often cited as the most multicultural country in the world, home to over 200 languages and countless ethnic groups. Meanwhile, about a quarter of the world’s population is Muslim, a figure exceeding 2 billion global citizens. Many Muslims live in Canada (roughly 1.7 million, and as high as 10% of the population in urban centres like Toronto), and most observe a halal diet.

The decision by Chatime to offer a Halal Certified menu is, therefore, a move toward accommodation, accessibility and approachability. It’s an acknowledgement of Canada’s wonderful multicultural makeup, and a welcoming gesture of inclusion.

The thing about halal foods is that they don’t preclude other groups from enjoying the products. Halal bubble tea is every bit as delicious, fun and exciting as non-halal bubble tea. So, the choice is a win-win for everyone.


Are you excited about trying some halal bubble tea with friends? Let us know what the news means to you by writing a reply below. And if you haven’t had the pleasure of trying bubble tea yet, what are you still doing here? Go check out Chatime’s extensive menu of innovative bubble teas, milk teas, fruit teas and more.

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