McGold Card: Free McDonald’s For Life (5th to 25th Dec 2022)

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McGold Card: Free McDonald’s For Life (5th to 25th Dec 2022)

If McDonald’s were free forever, I’d be like Drake in “God’s Plan” and randomly pull up to random places to treat random people.

So it’s no surprise that the announcement that McDonald’s would again honor the legendary McGold Card has gone viral; the promise of free Mickey D’s for the rest of one’s life is too good to pass up.

Since its previous appearance in 2018, the mysterious McGold Card has made a remarkable comeback.

When Can You Get It?

From December 5, 2022, through December 25, 2022, fans may enter to win a McGold Card, which entitles the possessor to free McDonald’s for the rest of their lives.

How to Participate?

To participate, make a qualified purchase using the McDonald’s app, and you’ll automatically get one entry.

How Many Meals Are Expected In Mcdonald Card?  

However, McDonald’s notes that “free McDonald’s for life” is predicated on two meals per week for 50 years. So the “God’s Plan” feeling if I win a McGold Card may not come across as extravagant.

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