What Was He Cooking? A YouTuber Making Breakfast

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What Was He Cooking? A YouTuber Making Breakfast

Are you also wondering what he was cooking? Are you also confused? Do you also not know what this means? Well, you’re not alone because there are many people out there who still don’t know what this all is about. For a person who’s not a regular user of social media; this is just a simple question, but those who use social media a lot know very well what this phrase means. So if you’re still struggling to find out what this phrase means and what’s all the hype about, then keep on reading because we have all the answers right here.

What Is What Was He Cooking About?

What was he cooking? is a catchphrase used on a YouTube video thumbnail in a video by a channel named New rockstars. The channel users are theorizing about what Thanos was making to eat for breakfast during a scene in Avengers: endgame. At that time, the video didn’t go viral, but it’s a thumbnail and the phrase what was he cooking? Later many humorous responses to the video were posted on social media. The commenters used the catchphrase synonymously with more common phrases like what was he thinking? The thumbnail and catchphrase were used on social media so frequently that they became memes. Thus now the phrase what was he cooking? Has become a prominent, very commonly used meme. The thumbnail is humorously used to joke about failure and errors without causing offence to anyone.

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Where Did This Meme Originate From?

The meme originated from a YouTube video. The phrase and the thumbnail of the video are what got famous. The video was uploaded by a channel named New rockstars. In the video, the host was theorizing about what Thanos was making to eat for breakfast. The video got over 253000 views in nearly 2 years. The video’s thumbnail shows Thanos standing in front of a huge pot, and on the side, there is a phrase written in yellow bold that says what was he cooking?

How Did This Thumbnail And Catchphrase Spread?

After numerous likes and comments on the original video, the thumbnail and the phrase were shared on social media a lot, which got them all the fame and recognition. After many tweets on Twitter and hashtags on other platforms, the meme became extra famous and thus was frequently used. Its spread started in 2021 when many people tweeted using memes on various occasions. By the end of 2022, the meme had gotten a lot of recognition and thus now is a very well-known meme on social media. People simply use the catchphrases to joke about the errors, while the thumbnail is used to define different situations as a meme.

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