Mayflower Marathon Food Drive On 106.9 And FM99 Continues

Mayflower Marathon Food Drive On 106.9 And FM99 Continues

It’s that wonderful time of year when communities start banding together to help out families that might need a little extra assistance: the holiday season in Norfolk, Virginia.

Mayflower Marathon

The Mayflower Marathon Food Drive gathers food and monetary donations to stock the shelves of pantries over the holiday season and to allow pantry organizers to purchase nutritious and fresh produce on an as-needed basis.

According to Karen Joyner, chief executive officer of the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank, participation is more crucial than ever before this year. She has never seen fewer people contributing money to the food bank than she does now.


“Even though they are making progress in getting back on their feet after the epidemic, thousands of families throughout the wider Peninsula continue to struggle with a lack of access to food and adequate nourishment. However, they are dealing with yet another obstacle in the form of skyrocketing prices for both food and gasoline. They are forced to choose between spending money on food and spending money on other necessities, which is a tough decision for them. When there is a greater need, we have a greater obligation to acquire and gather more food in order to assist families that are struggling to meet their basic dietary and nutritional needs.”

Food Drive

Radio presenters from FM99 and 106.9 The Fox are responsible for hosting the food drive. You may acquire a Mayflower Marathon t-shirt with the logo for this year if you make a donation of twenty dollars.

Show Time

It will operate continuously beginning at 5:30 a.m. on Friday and continuing until 3 p.m. on Sunday (Nov. 18 through Nov. 20). Throughout that weekend, FM99’s Rick Rumble and 106.9’s Mike Arlo will be providing live updates from the food drive on their respective radio stations.

Final Words

You have the opportunity to participate in this event at one of four locations: the Kroger on University Boulevard in Suffolk, the Kroger at Coliseum Central in Hampton, or the Kroger on Victory Boulevard in Tabb. Pembroke Square is located in Virginia Beach.

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