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Grand Finale: Black Restaurant Week – The Food Truck Night

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Grand Finale: Black Restaurant Week – The Food Truck Night

Residents of Shreveport and visitors to the city who want to celebrate the conclusion of Black restaurant week should make it a point to take part in Louisiana’s Black Food Truck Night.

When is the Food Truck Night Festival?

On November 6, as the climax of the week-long Black restaurant week celebration, a selection of the city’s greatest mobile restaurants will be exhibited for the audience’s enjoyment. The conclusion of the party will be indicated here by this particular activity.

What Time Does It Begin?

A festival dedicated to food trucks serving African-American cuisine will get underway at five o’clock in the evening. Between the hours of the evening in the Office Hub parking lot, which is located at 331 Milam Street in Shreveport – The hours of operation are as follows: until 7 p.m.

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