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The Potbelly Sandwich Shop Locations “Triple-Digit Growth” From 1977 To 2022

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The Potbelly Sandwich Shop Locations “Triple-Digit Growth” From 1977 To 2022

For almost 40 years, Potbelly sandwich shop locations have been serving fresh, made-to-order sandwiches, distinctive salads, hand-dipped shakes, and more to satisfied customers in neighbourhoods around the country.

Potbelly guarantees “Fresh, Fast, and Friendly” service in a setting designed to feel like the area it serves. The Chicago-based company began operations in 1977 and operates over 400 stores across the United States of America. Plus, franchisees run more than 40 stores for Potbelly in the country.

A fast-casual food chain named Potbelly is the focus of this article.

You know you can always depend on Potbelly restaurant to provide rapid service when you’re in a hurry.

It would be best if you were knowledgeable about the company’s background to understand its challenges in growing to over 300 branches USA.

About Potbelly 

Potbelly is primarily a chain of restaurants that serves sandwiches and shakes. Let’s take a closer look;

What is the History of Potbelly? 

The company was founded in Chicago, America.

When was Potbelly Founded?

Found on Lincoln Avenue, Illinois, USA, on January 14, 1977.

Who Started Potbelly?

A couple of years ago, Peter Hastings and his wife decided to sell sandwiches.

How Did Potbelly Get its Name?

Originally, it was a store for antique items, which reopened as a sandwich shop after six years. The name Potbelly comes from antiquity that Hastings kept in his collection of potbelly stoves.

What are Potbelly’s Specialty Dishes?

The menu at Potbelly contains a selection of sandwiches, all of which are served hot. In addition to these, the restaurant also serves soup, shakes, smoothies, potato chips, and cookies.

What Happened During the Year 1996?

Bryant Keil became the business owner after purchasing and growing the first shop.

When was the Second Shop Open?

The store’s second branch opened in 1997.

How Many Stores Does Potbelly Have Today?

Currently, Potbelly has over 450 stores.

Who are Potbelly’s Investors?

The main investors of Potbelly are American Securities and Maveron (founder of Starbucks). 

When did Potbelly Introduce Its First Drive Through?

It was during the winter season in November 2007 that the first drive-through was introduced in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

Where was the First International Potbelly Shop?

It was during 2011 that Dubai and the United Arab Emirates hosted the opening of Potbelly. 

Where and When Did It First Appear in Europe and Canada?

In 2015, it was in London’s Westfield Stratford City, and one year after, in 2016, Potbelly was introduced in Toronto, Canada.

How did Potbelly Achieve “Triple Digit Success”?

When the doors opened on the one 100 Potbelly Sandwich Shop locations. Potbelly was recognized as one of “America’s 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies” by the publication Inc. Magazine in 2005.

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Does Potbelly Actually Use Meat?

Potbelly chicken is lightly cooked and free of added colours, tastes, or chemicals. Their sandwiches and salads are made with only the freshest, highest-quality white breast meat.

At Which Temperature Do They Cook Their Sandwiches At Potbelly?

Potbelly deli meat requires a compromise if you want to continue consuming it. Toasting machines reach temperatures over 500F because any kind of listeria gets eliminated naturally around that temperature.

What Exactly Does It Mean to Be Skinny At Potbelly?

Skinny sandwiches are lighter versions of Potbelly’s famous originals. This sandwich has 1/3 fewer carbs, meat, and cheese than the original (it’s delicious with soup).

What are Some of Potbelly’s Primary Rivals?

In 2022, there might be more than 10 rivals of Potbelly. However, Potbelly’s main competitors are Subway, Panera, and Jimmy Johns, three sandwich shops competing head-on.

How Does Potbelly’s Bread Taste?

Potbelly sandwiches are prepared with multigrain bread, and toppings are lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise, but you may modify the ingredients to suit your dietary requirements and personal tastes.

Does Potbelly Use Mustard?

Yes, the original Potbelly Sandwich uses brown mustard.

Are Potbelly Sandwiches Bigger Now?

Potbelly is baking on the fact that more customers will purchase lesser quantities. The Chicago-based sandwich restaurant recently unveiled a newly redesigned menu that contains smaller shakes and packaged meals with smaller sandwiches.

Potbelly’s strategy here was to enhance the customer experience and make trying some of the products on their menu less risky.

What are the Five Essential Components that Make Up An Ideal Potbelly Sandwich?

The five components of the ideal potbelly sandwich:

  1. Its toppings are intact by placing the hinge on the bread.
  2. Afterwards, the meat, cheese, and toppings are distributed evenly around the bread, so each bite is a smorgasbord of flavour.
  3. The bread is toast at 600 degrees; it becomes crusty, soft, and warm inside.
  4. Wrap it up in a tight “burrito-like” fashion to keep the heat in and the toppings together.

Is Potbelly Nitrate-Free?

According to USDA regulations, Potbelly produces all its meats, and turkeys are free of sulfite, nitrite, and nitrate.

In Conclusion

Potbelly sandwich shop locations are extremely brand-conscious, as its cautious expansion in the early 2000s indicates. Based on its current management, menu, and business plan, Potbelly has every chance of becoming a national and international powerhouse. Potbelly goes over and above to personalize each of its locations by sourcing and making unique touches, oddities, and regional collections that reflect the area in which they are located. As a whole, the concept of corporate social responsibility in the restaurant business differs from more traditional approaches. It also has local musicians performing live during lunch to raise money for a charity in the community. As a whole, the concept of corporate social responsibility in the restaurant business differs from more traditional approaches.

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