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Meal Of The Day: Muffeleta Sandwiches from New Orleans

Meal Of The Day: Muffeleta Sandwiches from New Orleans

Just when you think about a sandwich take a look at the most welcoming New Orlean bites. A homemade muffeleta recipe that satisfies appetite; the growling for a cold yet savory quick meal. Discover the most deliciously flavored sandwich between the slices of Italian bread and silky salami merged into Swiss cheese.

What Is Muffaletta?

A muffeleta/muffaletta is a cold sandwich layered with different ingredients while keeping it an authentic touch. The recipe got international fame in the late 1960s after it got introduced in the town of New Orleans by Sicilians. The different spellings of “muffaletta” include “muffalatta”, “muffalata” or “muffoletta”.

Best Muffaletta New Orleans

  1. DiMartino’s Famous New Orleans Muffaletta (Rating 4.5 from more than 500 customers)
  2. Stein’s Market and Deli (Rating 4.7 from approximately 800 visitors)
  3. Welty’s Deli and Catering (Rating 4.7 visitors 190 weekly)
  4. Cibo (Rating 4.8 stars from 200 customers)
  5. Killer Poboys at Erin Rose (Rating 4.6 from nearly 500 visitors)
  6. Katie’s (Rating 4.6 from more than 1000 customers)
  7. Parasol’s (Rating 4.6 by 1000 visitors)

What Is In A Muffaletta?

Muffeleta is a popular cold sandwich having a moment in the food world for reasons. People love the fact that they can play with the flavors and ingredients while maintaining a savory and authentic taste. For some people, it is the tangy flavor but muffeleta popularity among the masses is due to its Italian bread.

How To Keep Italian Bread Fresh?

Since the bread is a crucial part of this recipe, it’s important to keep it fresh and moist. Slice the loaf of bread intend to store away and put it in an airtight bag. Freeze it for as long as you want. Microwave for 10 seconds before you want to toast or grill the slices.

Muffaletta Bread Substitute

It’s hard to find the traditional Italian bread of muffeleta outside Louisiana but if there are not many options then opt for round focaccia or ciabatta.

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Best Type Of Salami

Genoa Salami

Genoa Salami, known to be originated from the area of Genoa has its slices seasoned with garlic, salt, black, and white pepper and devoured as a dressing in muffuletta. Every 100 grams of genoa salami has 388 calories, 33g fat, and 102 mg of cholesterol.

What Are The Ingredients Of Piccalilli?

A tangy side dip can never go wrong with the muffaletta. This homemade pickle relish; is a combination of green beans, cucumber, cauliflower, and carrots. The veggies toss in vinegar, mustard, and spices that seal air-tight into the jars for flavor enhancement.

Most Flavor Swiss Cheese


Among differently flavored cheeses produced globally, Appenzeller has proved to be the tangiest with the infused flavor of spices and herbs. Besides being a rich source of calcium and protein, pair with any snack to enhance the flavor.

Might want to practice one the simple Muffeleta recipe: 

What To Serve With A Muffaletta Sandwich?

More Types Of Muffaletta

1. Muffaletta Vegetarian

The ultimate go-to picnic sandwich for vegetarians is prepared way ahead. This crazily stacked muffaletta is layered with vegan meat, roasted red peppers, vegan cheese, and olive tapenade.

2. Muffaletta Salad

The infusion of salami, provolone cheese, olives, parsley, and olive oil dressing makes it a heart-winning salad for all. This can be served in a non-traditional way with toasted crostini or a dip.

3. Muffaletta Pizza

Set the dough with olive salad, salami, pepperoncino, onion, and parsley. Before putting it in the oven, add a bit of provolone along with some bocconcini, and you’re good to go. Read more about Italian pizza.

4. Muffaletta Pretzel Crisps

Call it a perfectly crispy snack for you and your family. These can be made ahead of time and popped in the microwave. The pretzel crisps topped with olive salad, ham, salami, and mozzarella cheese make a great appetizer.

5. Muffaletta Pasta

If you’re a muffeleta fan, try the home-inspired muffeleta pasta. Toss in the meats, veggies, and salad dressing in your boiled pasta, season it with black pepper, salt, and thyme, and have the best Italian pasta salad ready.

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