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How to Save Money on Fresh Food in Local Markets Instead of Supermarkets

How to Save Money on Fresh Food in Local Markets Instead of Supermarkets

The most essential ingredients for a healthy diet like vegetables and fruits have become the most expensive thing in today scenario. For an average family, purchasing about 50$ worth of produce in a week always pinch the pocket. Nowadays, it has become the toughest challenge to save money on fresh food. Many people like to purchase packed food or processed food from supermarkets, but it never seems a healthy option for diet conscious folks and these products are quite expensive too.

Tips to Save Money on Fresh Food

Let’s have a little comparison between local market’s fresh produce and supermarket’s packed food.

Prices: A key factor to save money on fresh food

The supermarket’s fresh fruits, vegetables and packed food are quite expensive as compared to local market produce. Supermarkets include their expenditure cost as a service charge or tax in the grocery bill, which makes all the things more expensive. However, local market or farmers markets do not do so; they gain only some profit and never charge any tax or service charge to customers while purchasing fresh veggies and fruits.

Quality: A way to save money on fresh food

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There are also huge quality variations in fresh products between both the markets. Processed or packed food of supermarket always come in a box or bag with a nutrition facts label. Some of these probably are minimally processed, such as ready-to-eat salads, frozen vegetables, bagged spinach and roasted peanuts. These causes some risk to health but heavily processed foods like luncheon meats, cookies and frozen dinners which always contain huge amounts of food additives. But in Local markets, harvested fresh food is directly supplied without any additives.

Quantity: Another crucial point to save money on fresh food

Moreover, high quantity can be purchased in low price from the local markets, but it is contrary in supermarkets, masses go there with full bag of money and purchase fewer goods due to inflation in packed food.

Now, the options seem limited when it comes to have healthy and fresh on a budget. But I am revealing few tips to save your money on fresh produce.

Best tips to save money on fresh food

Buy Local

Buying from local markets or from roadside stands may not suit your standard, but it can save you a bundle or cost more than the grocery store. Although, this may be a little tricky, you have to be able to spot the best deal by doing bargaining. Furthermore, try to do shopping at the end of the day when traders are willing to dispense their produce for less to save them from hauling things home.

Use Coupons

Coupons on fresh veggies and fruits are rare, but feasible to explore. Social media and internet plays a vital role in exploring things. Coupons can be explored by using internet research and joining co-operation communities on social media sites.

Buy in Bulk

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Buy in bulk is a great idea. You can buy in bulk the foods which you can store in bulk. These include onions, avocados, potatoes, garlic, ginger, rice, flour, grains, nuts etc. Always ensure the price per unit and weigh the bag before purchasing because the weight on the carrier is the lowest and some bags will weigh extra.

Buy Seasonally and Prepare a Meal Plan

Always try to buy seasonal fruits and veggies because it costs you less in their season. Besides, prepare a plan for your meals around reasonable produce instead of purchasing produce to match your meal plan.

Price Match

Local stores will match the prices of fresh products from other local shops. These may include a produce stand if there is an attractive advertisement in the local newspaper.

Join Co-Operation Communities

Many communities offer co-operation produce programs. You can get a cluster of folks together to place a bulk order direct from suppliers and farmers. You can also cut out the chain system of retailing and save money on fresh food.

Learn Canning or Lacto-Fermenting

You can avoid going to the store for veggies and fruits each week. Buy produce for one week and frozen or canned varieties for the next week. Learn lacto-fermenting because it is a great way to preserve produce and it lasts for a long time as well as in various cases, don’t need electricity to store.

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