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Food Security: Glauber’s Perspective At FPRI (Insight)

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Food Security: Glauber’s Perspective At FPRI (Insight)

Global food security strives to publish articles that contribute to a deeper understanding of the present and future global food security (nutrition and food systems) from the following perspectives;

  • The economic
  • Social
  • Biophysical
  • Technological
  • Institutional drivers

Food Security In The Global Economy

Insight By Glauber: Food Security

Joseph Glauber, the Senior Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute, shares his thoughts on the topic of global food security and offers suggestions for how the G-20 nations may be more proactive in addressing the problem. On the show “Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia,” he had a conversation with Kathleen Hays and Haidi Stroud-Watts.

Factors Affecting Food Security

Many more variables are at work today to explain why some nations produce more food than others, among them the following, which help to explain why some nations produce more food than others:

  1. Environment
  2. Human Factors
  3. Food Conflict
  4. Water shortage
  5. Poverty
  6. Food Production

What Is The Impact Of Food Security?

  1. Over-cultivation
  2. Anxiety about social issues
  3. Prices of food increase
  4. Supply reduced (food shortage)
  5. Soil erosion – Pest disease

Security Index 2022: Threatened By Global Food Security

Rank ( 4th countries) Overall score Affordability
1st Finland 83.7 91.9
2nd Ireland 81.7 92.6
3rd Norway 80.5 87.2
4th France 80.2 91.3

Crucial Time: Understanding Food Security


There is an unequal distribution of food supply and consumption across the globe. Also, food production must increase, and several strategies can be implemented to achieve this goal, as there is a need to produce more food. The threat of food insecurity is an issue that affects the whole world.

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