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Food Insecurity: Green Chef Partners With Non-Profit

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Food Insecurity: Green Chef Partners With Non-Profit

We Don’t Waste is a food recovery and hunger relief group located in Denver; Coloradans for prosperity. Green Chef, a business based in Boulder that distributes nutritious meal kits, has joined We Don’t Waste to give assistance to community people in the Denver region who are struggling with food insecurity.

We Don’t Waste – In November 2022

Green Chef will begin to sponsor all of the food and beverage products sold at one of We Don’t Waste’s mobile markets beginning in November. Yet, around two hundred families will have the opportunity, thanks to the sponsorship of Green Chef, to visit the market on a monthly basis and choose free goods from among a wide selection of fresh vegetables, proteins, and dairy products.

Risk of Food Shortage

Arlan Preblud, the founder and executive director of We Don’t Waste, said in a written statement;

“We started the mobile markets in 2019 to better reach. Moreover, the Denver metro’s most underserved communities, and we’re grateful to our long-time partners at Green Chef for providing all of the grocery items for one of those markets each month.”

  • One out of every three Coloradans is at risk of being hungry
  • As food costs continue to rise
  • An ever-increasing number of households are being put in this position.

We are able to assure that individuals and their families will have access to the wholesome meals they need as a result of our relationship.

High Quality of Fresh Food 

According to Jeff Yorzyk, Green Chef’s senior director of sustainability, “we are devoted to making fresh food and high-quality ingredients available to everyone.” Green Chef was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. “We would like to express our gratitude to We Don’t Waste for working with us in our Community Fresh Market initiative to help more Coloradans in need. However, we have high hopes that this particular structure for farmer’s markets would not only provide food-insecure families with fresh supplies but also give them the ability to prepare healthful meals at home.

About Green Chef 

Green Chef is a company that provides clients with nutritious meal kits that are delivered to their homes. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Boulder, while the company’s manufacturing plant is located in Aurora.

Feature image: Pixabay

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