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The Top Food Trends Whole Foods (Grocery List) Expects In 2023

The Top Food Trends Whole Foods (Grocery List) Expects In 2023

We have seen several exciting food trends this year (2022) that have changed how we shop for groceries forever, and even some old standbys have been revamped. Find out if the trend will be truly unique in 2023 by checking out the whole food grocery list.

The Change In Demand

Cozymeal reports a spike in demand for environmentally friendly options, including vegan eggs and plant-based poultry. Chickpea and bean pasta joined the ranks of the more nutritious alternatives as pasta bases. All of our usual foods also came out in spicy new forms. These days, it seems that even the most unexpected foods may have a spicy twist, from mac and cheese to chips to chocolate.

Although this report was published on October 19, 2022, the whole foods market is looking forward to 2023 with its top 10 food trends prediction. New healthier versions of your nostalgic childhood faves, a date obsession, an avocado oil boom, a chicken revolution, and more are on the luxury grocery store’s radar for 2023, its seventh trend forecast.

Whole Food Grocery List In 2023

Leave kombucha behind.  Yaupon is predicted to be the year’s most popular trend. Whole Foods describes yaupon as “a holly shrub located in the Southern part of the USA and also to be the only known native caffeinated plant in North America.” This novel beverage is gaining popularity due to its adaptability and versatility in preparation and serving.

We may also expect a date trend. While date fruit has been enjoyed for generations, the trend of turning dates into condiments like sriracha, ketchup, and even syrup is relatively recent. They are ideal for use as a healthy sweetener in many different applications due to their naturally sweet, caramel-like taste.

Bottom Line

According to the whole food grocery list, in 2023 (next 70 days), there will be a “poultry revolution,” which drops the company to the fifth spot. While we tried out several egg substitutes this year, we’ll be using actual eggs again next time around. Retailer Whole Foods, meanwhile, claims that shoppers are “prioritizing welfare” when purchasing chicken and other bird products. More and more Americans are opting for “better-than-cage-free” options while shopping for their weekly supply of eggs.

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