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4 International New In-Flight: Vegan Options Meet Demand

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4 International New In-Flight: Vegan Options Meet Demand

It’s likely that wherever you go, you’ll be able to get a delicious vegan lunch since many restaurants throughout the globe have expanded their vegan menus in recent years. With this week’s updates at four separate airlines, the trip and the final destination are getting more vegan-friendly.

Nippon Airways

The number of vegan restaurants in Japan is expected to increase from the current 400 to over 1,000 between 2018 and 2020, reflecting the country’s rising interest in veganism. All Nippon Airways (ANA), the country’s largest airline, is introducing vegan alternatives to its menu.

New In-Flight Experience

“Providing comprehensive food choices is vital to assuring our passengers with the finest in-flight experience,” stated Tomoji Ishii, ANA’s Executive Vice President, Customer Experience Management & Planning. We’re excited to provide you with these delicious menu selections and offer a variety of meal plans to suit your needs.

Vegan Menu From 1st Nov. 2022

Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals co-created by ANA and Michelin-starred chef Hideki Takayama will be available as of November 1. The two vegan meals the chef created are the Curry-flavored Chickpea Hamburger Steak with Vegetable Curry served with rolled cabbage in couscous salad, mixed salad, rye roll, and assorted fruit, and the Vegetable Pilaf Stewed Red Lentils & Vegetable served with petit Paris bread roll and assorted fruit, both of which are available on flights departing from Japan.

Chef Takayama commented, “many foods could not be utilized, including dairy products, eggs, fish, and meat, and we also built the menu without root vegetables to satisfy the eating patterns of more consumers.” When asked about the culinary menu, one of the chefs said, “With this many limits, it was impossible to reach the same level of results as the gastronomic menu, and at the same time, this was the point we concentrated on.”

While developing the menu, we were able to reaffirm the popularity of veggies, and I think we’ve finished an in-flight meal that’s unlike any other,” stated Chef Takayama.

North American Airlines

In addition, Air Canada will expand its vegan food choices for November flights. The Air Canada Bistro menu will get a number of new vegan choices, including a Farro Salad, a Spiced Chickpea Wrap, vegan blondies from Good to Go, and Nomz energy snacks from famous Montreal Chef Jérôme Ferrer.

Aside from a 25% boost in entertainment selections, the airline is also introducing complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi for Premium Rouge passengers.

Air Canada’s senior vice president of products, marketing, and e-commerce, Mark Nasr, made the following statement: “Air Canada is dedicated to enhancing the customer experience and delivering the sort of world-class services Canadians can be proud of from their flag airline.” “Therefore, we are making investments in both our Economy and Premium cabins to improve the overall client experience. Beyond just surviving the epidemic, we are pleased to reveal several additional services and opportunities that are now unavailable in Canada.

A Quick Look At Insight Menus

With the introduction of a new autumn salad, Alaska Airlines is also expanding its vegan offerings. The Brusselin’ Vegan Salad is a kale and romaine lettuce mix topped with roasted shaved Brussels sprouts, red quinoa, red peppers, golden raisins, capers, toasted nut slices, and an agave and apple cider dressing, and it was developed in collaboration with the Seattle-based chain Evergreens.

The fresh, West Coast tastes that make use of genuine, nutritious foods are a big hit with visitors, according to Traynor-Corey. Plant-based, vegan, and gluten-free dishes remain a priority on our autumn menu.

The new dish follows the introduction of the “Soy Meets World” vegan summer menu option in Alaska. Additional vegan options are available for First Class passengers, including Chickpea Teriyaki on flights longer than 1,100 miles and Vegan Quinoa and Roasted Carrot Salad on shorter flights of 550 miles or less.

Emirates goes above and above by offering even more vegan options.

Middle Eastern Airlines

Emirates, a prominent Middle Eastern airline, is continuing to put more emphasis on vegan food choices, which is great news for its many vegan passengers. Since the 1990s, when the airline began catering to customers who didn’t eat meat for religious reasons, the company has always accommodated requests for vegan meals.

Business Class 

However, to meet the rising worldwide demand for vegan meals, Emirates has significantly expanded its vegan options in recent years. As part of a multi-million dollar initiative, Emirates is significantly increasing its vegan choices this next autumn. A new, carefully selected menu will be offered to Emirates’ first and business-class passengers over the next year, developed over the course of a year by a team of culinary experts.

Economy Class

Emirates’ economy class menu will also rotate monthly to offer a new vegan meal produced using ethically sourced food. The multi-coloured quinoa with caramelized pear and celeriac purée and the roasted cauliflower, glazed carrots, sauteed kale, and lovage pesto are all vegan options. Chocolate tofu cheesecake and dark chocolate custard cake show that Emirates didn’t skimp on sweets.

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