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Great Food Festivals In London: A Guide From Brits

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Great Food Festivals In London: A Guide From Brits

London is home to some of the world’s finest culinary festivals. There is a wide variety of amazon activities to enjoy throughout the year. This article is about Great Food Festivals in London: A guide from Brits is a must, starting summer street food fairs to holiday markets and beer tastings.

Independent pop-up shops, food-themed events (complete with flame cooking, oyster parades, famous guests, etc.), and many more attractions await you! Do you enjoy eating or just search for a fun day trip in London? Check out this helpful list of events that celebrate food in London.

North East Chilli Fest

The North East Chilli Fest is the best place to go if you’re a fan of spicy cuisine. The festival boasts over 80 local vendors selling some of the hottest foods in the country. It includes everything from the chilli sauce and chocolate of Grim Reaper Foods (award-winning) to the fiery homemade jams of the most popular The Chilli Jam Man.

There is also live music and the festival’s infamous chilli-eating competition. Real beers and lagers from Newcastle’s Wylam Brewery, as well as cider, wine, and cocktails, which are available in ample supply to quench your thirst.


Over two hundred vendors at this event sell all sorts of tasty treats and other useful products. This event is not just about the delicious food; it is full of demonstrations, performances, and talks on a wide range of related topics.

London and Brighton are two great places to enjoy this vegan event. Weekend attendees of VegFestUK can look forward to two days of meatless food tasting and nutritional information.

The Great British Beer Festival

Hundreds of brewers at the Great British Beer Festival serve their finest beers and ciders. This huge event is organized by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA). To keep things from getting too nerdy, you will be able to enjoy live music and traditional pub activities.

Moreover, anyone who gets dragged along but doesn’t care for a double-hopped sour IPA can get gin, wine, or coffee at one of the many bars.

Falmouth Oyster Festival

The Falmouth Oyster Festival is one of the finest seafood celebrations in the UK. From cooking demos to the Grand Oyster Parade, there is plenty to do at the Falmouth Oyster Festival.

One of the best things about this food event is that admission is zero pounds during the day! On Thursdays and Saturdays, however, the entry requires advance purchase of passes.

Oyster harvesting is an integral part of Falmouth’s culture, with many small, family-run businesses specializing in this type of seafood. This festival provides a wonderful glimpse into this process. You won’t just be able to support local oyster companies, but you’ll also get to talk to local experts.

London Craft Beer Festival

The London Craft Beer Festival is similar in concept to the Great British Beer Festival. But it has more of a party vibe and features food from some of the best eateries in the city. Some of the top ones include Fallow, Farang, and 10 Greek Street, to accompany the seemingly endless supply of pints.

There is a £60 ticket fee, but it covers your fill of beer and the live entertainment. Beers without alcohol or wine are also available at the London Craft Beer.

The Great British Food Festival

Another one of London’s best culinary festivals is the Great British Culinary Festival. It features the finest products made in Britain and hosts numerous events. Some of the notable ones are cooking demos, workshops, and talks.

Every year in September, there is a celebration by the name of the Great British Food Festival. Because of its reputation as one of London’s liveliest culinary festivals, it draws many visitors keen to sample the local cuisine. The event features a wide variety of handcrafted goods, real ale, hot foods, and wine bars. It also offers unique gifts made by local and regional artisans. This event is ideal if you want to spend the day with a large group of people, such as your family or friends!

London Halal Festival

London Halal Culinary Festival, a celebration of all things halal (and thus all things delicious), is one of the best culinary festivals in London.

Kebabs, grilled meats from around the globe, falafel, and even vegan options are all available at the festival. Traditional sweets like dates and nuts sit alongside more exotic options like baklava and Turkish Delight (a caramel-flavoured confection).

The festival takes place in September, and it lasts for three days. The event features vendors selling cuisine from all over the globe, such as Indian, Egyptian, Pakistani, and Turkish fare. The festival also features children’s workshops and musical acts.


Meatopia is a New York institution which was introduced to London by the late great food writer Josh Ozersky in 2013. London’s Tobacco Dock is transformed into a celebration of all things meaty. The event takes place every September for three days. Meatopia features food from some of the world’s best chefs and restaurants, including burgers, shawarma, ribs, steak, and more. Also, you will be able to see some expert butchery demonstrations, casual workshops, and live music. Meatopia has recently introduced Craftopia, an area devoted to craft beer, live brewing, and beer and food pairings. This is because everyone knows that nothing goes better with a hearty piece of meat than a nice, cold beer!

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