USA’s Top Trending: Mango Mango Desserts – You gotta Try Them!

USA’s Top Trending: Mango Mango Desserts – You gotta Try Them!

How about some mango treats? Wait a minute, Mango Mango Dessert in winter. Is that still possible in 2022? Mango Mango Desserts are some of the most incredible confections you’ve ever had. The business provides a reviving and healthier alternative to traditional fruit tea favorites, ranging from handcrafted sweets and blended beverages to fruit teas and blended drinks. The brand quickly released a menu of handcrafted fresh fruit drinks that consumers could take out and became an immediate success in New York. It has expanded to more than 30 locations worldwide and is continuing to do so.

Brand Story

The journey of Mango Mango Dessert started in the Chinatown of New York City. The brand came up with the idea to combine sweet soups made in the classic Hong Kong way with more contemporary sweets after being inspired by the city’s culture of perpetual innovation. To make handmade sweets such as our Mango Mochi, Green Tea Mille Crepe, Durian Dessert Bowl, and the world-famous coconut mango infused smoothie, they employ only the most advanced culinary techniques and the best ingredients (including all of the freshest mangoes).

Everything is made with love and has the perfect amount of sweetness, and it’s all served in a space that’s been carefully crafted for tranquility.

The Vision

The band has had a significant and widespread effect in New York City and across the market in the United States. We are putting in a lot of effort to ensure that Mango Mango is a well-known brand in the United States.

What Makes Mango-Mango Dessert Unique?

The brand is different in two major ways:

A Creative Mindset

The remarkable fare will have regulars returning for more. Desserts in Hong Kong include mango juice made with fresh mango and served with sago and pomelo are world-famous.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers can always count on us to be here to provide a hand, and we hope they always feel safe doing so. Put a happy face on things and have a good attitude at all times.

Prior to your online or (self-visit) store order, let’s learn about the delicious flavors on the menu.

Mango Mango Dessert Menu

The prominence of mango mango desserts declined, so that higher quality 6 categories menu is offered to customers.

Classic Dessert

  • Special Mango Juice Sago & Pomelo
  • Snow White Mango Juice Sago & Pomelo
  • Strawberry Mango Juice Sago & Lychee Jelly
  • Mango Juice with Rice Ball
  • Mango Juice w. Sago
  • Snow White Mango Juice
  • Mango Juice with Watermelon & Rice Ball (Seasonal)
  • Mango and Black Rice
  • Snow White Juice with Red Bean & Lychee Jelly
  • Snow White Juice & Red bean
  • Mixed Fresh Fruit
  • Mustang King Durian Dessert Bowl
  • Snow White Juice
  • Snow White Juice w. Ice Cream and Mixed Jelly
  • Taro Ball with Herbal Jelly
  • ​Mango Shaved Ice
  • Mango Sundae
  • Vanilla Strawberry Sundae
  • Coconut Mixed Fruit Sundae
  • Green Tea Red Bean Sundae
  • Triple Ice Cream Delight: Green Tea, Vanilla, Mango w. Chocolate Syrup
  • Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Mango Pancake
  • Mustang King Durian Pancake
  • Mango Mochi
  • Rose-Strawberry Cream Cheese Mochi
  • Pink Peach Oolong Mochi
  • Matcha Crepe Roll
  • Coco Crepe Roll
  • Mozzarella Ube Cube Cake 
  • Coconut Mango Pudding
  • Mango Platter
  • Mango Shaved Ice
  • Double Egg Custard
  • Mango Panna Cotta
  • Pink Peach Oolong Mochi
  • Mustang King Durian Cream Puffs
  • Brown Sugar Bobo Cream Puffs
  • French Dessert
  • French Dessert (Coconut)
  • French Dessert (Classic)
  • Roman Shield Cookie
  • Cocoa Flakes

Classic Cakes

  • Black Sesame Coconut Cake
  • Matcha Herbal Jello Cake
  • Tiramisu
  • Raspberry Yogurt Cheese Cake
  • Mango Mousse Cake
  • Magnum Chocolate
  • Mango Mille Crepe Cake
  • Mustang King Durian Mille Crepe Cake
  • Green Tea Mille Crepe Cake
  • Ube Mille Crepe Cake
  • Coco Mille Crepe Cake
  • Oreo Mille Crepe Cake
  • Dark Chocolate Matcha Honey Cake
  • Earl Grey Chestnut Honey Cake
  • Pink Peach Lychee Cake

Hot Dessert

  • Black Sesame Paste Soup w. Mochi
  • Walnut Paste Soup w. Mochi
  • Almond Paste Soup w. Mochi
  • Black Sesame Paste Soup w. Rice Ball
  • Walnut Paste Soup w. Rice Ball
  • Almond Paste Soup w. Rice Ball
  • Red Bean Paste Soup w. Sago
  • Mo Mo Cha Cha
  • Ube Soup with Sago and Rice Ball
  • Papaya Snow Fungus w. Almond (Hot/Cold)
  • Black Rice Soup w. Dried Longan and Dates
  • Coconut Peach Gum Sweet Soup

Crepe / Waffle

Customers can select from three waffle sections: crepes, waffles, and egg waffles.

Choose 1 Flavor

  • Mango Nutella  
  • Durian
  • Banana Nutella
  • Strawberry Nutella
  • Strawberry Mango Nutella
  • Strawberry Banana Nutella

Choose 1 Ice Cream Flavor

  • Alphonso Mango Ice Cream
  • Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream
  • Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Caribbean Coconut Ice Cream
  • Thai Durian Ice Cream


  • Coconut Mango Smoothie-o
  • Mango Smoothie-o
  • Mango Strawberry Smoothie-o
  • Strawberry Smoothie-o
  • Snow White Strawberry Smoothie-o
  • Watermelon Smoothie-o
  • Cantaloupe Smoothie-o
  • Fresh Banana Smoothie-o
  • Green Tea Smoothie-o w. Red Bean & Black Rice
  • Special Mango Juice Smoothie-o
  • Grapefruit Sliced Tea
  • Mixed Fruit Jasmine Tea
  • Cheese Foam Strawberry Tea
  • Jasmine Cheese Foam
  • Avocado Cheese Foam Tea
  • Bobo Taro Milk
  • Ginger Milk
  • Mango Green Tea w. Lychee Jelly
  • Handcrafted Lime Green Tea
  • Passion Fruit Green Tea
  • Signature Bubble Milk Tea
  • Golden Kiwi
  • Oreo Brulee Bubble Milk Tea
  • Fresh Ube Milk with Oat
  • Snow White Smoothie-o w. Red Bean & Mango and many more.
Taking a closer look at how you can place an order feasibly follows.

Advance Ordering Made Easy Through App!

Once you have downloaded the Mango Mango Dessert app, you will become a member of our special rewards program, where you will receive one point for every dollar you spend when you use our app. Put down your points and spend them on some of your favorite Mango Mango products on the house.
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