2022 Holidays: Wendy’s (Drink) Peppermint Frosty | Coming Soon

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2022 Holidays: Wendy’s (Drink) Peppermint Frosty | Coming Soon

The Frosty is a staple at Wendy’s and deserves the title of “iconic.” Wendy’s has been fiercely guarding their signature dessert since it debuted in 1969 when it was a cross between a milkshake and an ice cream sundae.

Introducing Frosty Taste 2022

Not until 2006 did a vanilla variation of the popular chocolate treat and french fry dip. Plus, this past summer, the administration went completely insane by introducing a brand-new flavor: strawberry. But it turns out that new Frosty tastes won’t disappear after 2022, and even more surprisingly, it is becoming truly seasonal. Wendy’s announced today that they would soon sell new Wendy drinks – A frosty flavor called Peppermint.

New For Christmas Holiday

It’s being called “a joyful spin on the classic dessert,” and it’s coming to Wendy’s restaurants nationwide on November 15 for a limited time. A new Peppermint Frosty will be available on Wendy drinks menu this Christmas season, as confirmed by Carl Loredo, the company’s chief marketing officer in the United States. Fans know they can depend on Wendy’s to provide famous seasonal flavors, like last summer’s breakout, smash Strawberry Frosty, and now with our Peppermint Frosty.

It’s the iconic thick and creamy Frosty that our customers adore with bursts of fresh peppermint. Every delicious taste will put you in the Christmas mood,” said Wendy’s vice president of culinary innovation John Li, expanding on the company’s initial description of its “latest flavor innovation.”

Where Does Vanilla Fit In?

Strawberry replaced Vanilla as Frosty’s second in command, surprising those who had hoped Vanilla would return when the summer season ended. Peppermint Frostys are replacing vanilla ones in vending machines, but vanilla lovers probably won’t mind. The Fast Food Post reports that when Wendy’s retires Peppermint after the holidays, Vanilla will make a comeback in the first few months of 2023.

Final Words

Wendy’s has one last winter announcement, and it’s official news this time: From November 21 through January 29, the restaurant will once again be selling its Frosty Key Tags, which, for only $2, enable customers to enjoy a free Jr. Frosty with any purchase once a day for a whole year.

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