Fighting Against Corona: how immune system of women can improve

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Fighting Against Corona: how immune system of women can improve

Fighting against corona is no exception it is basically all about a challenge against your own immune system. Women can fight against several infections by improving natural immunity through healthy lifestyle changes and, be sure, so why not corona?

Your immune system is your best natural defense in case disease-causing microbes like coronavirus invade you. As for the chances of being caught in some contagious or infectious disease, researchers have revealed that children and women are comparatively in a safer mode than male adults. Its chief-most natural reason is that women, in general, have a stronger immune system while fighting against corona or the pathogens that cause flu and other respiratory infections.

Some fast facts about our immune system that must be considered while Fighting Against Corona

  • Always keep in mind that our immune system is not a single entity but a complete system. It always requires a fine balance and harmony to function at its best.
  • There is still much to know about the intricacies and inter-connection involved in the proper functioning of our immune response.
  • It gets extremely complicated to boost immunity as there are so many different cells that respond to various micro-organisms in several different ways.
  • The idea to improve the immunity system seems to carry little sense scientifically. No one can tell which types of cells need boosting and to which extent.
  • Scientists are still trying hard to know how many cells or what the best blend of cells our immune system needs to perform best.
  • Our body continually produces the immune cells (lymphocytes and phagocytes) more than its requirement and the extra cells keep themselves removing through a natural process of apoptosis.
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How important it is to improve the immune system of women in their Fight Against Corona

Being caring-mothers and loving wives, women must have a near-perfect immune response to remain super healthy to meet all of their liabilities. Staying healthy and fit to defend themselves against the disease attack at homes, or even at their workplaces if they are working ladies, enhances the probability that they will serve their families in a much better way. A mother with a poor immunity response will collapse when it comes to defending herself or caring for her family members against coronavirus. Hence, it is of utmost importance to guide women about boosting up their immune response to have healthy families or nations on the whole.

How women can work on their immune system to Fight Against Corona through healthy lifestyle changes

No research to date has shown any scientifically proven direct links between lifestyle and enhanced immune function. However, this fact never forbids one to study the effects of a healthy lifestyle on one’s immune system.

We often observe and receive reports that healthy lifestyle habits tend to create a very constructive influence on one’s spirits, morale, and energy level. Hence, choosing a healthy lifestyle should be the first line of defense on the part of women against COVID-19. This is because such a lifestyle may keep their immune system strong and healthy.

Here, we have worked out for women belonging to all walks of life a few tips regarding a healthy lifestyle. These are sure to enable them to work on their immune response. Remember, no magic pill or a particular food item can bolster your immune system. Rather, the followings are the real ways you can take care of your immune system and give it the best support to do its job against COVID-19.

1.  Manage your stress while Fighting Against Corona

The terminology – coronavirus, utterly give a stressful feeling in itself. However, doctors continuously suggest not be get stress out even if you are a corona patient. You can do so with determination, meditation, controlled breathing, and consulting with a therapist. It will help you fight off illness and heal your wounds naturally, quite efficiently, and rapidly.  You can do so only when your body is not under stress. Your worries about the general disruption of routine life or fighting against corona may put you under stress. This, in turn, disturbs a lot and weakens your immune response. So, try your best to lower your stress if you cannot eliminate it.


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2.  Enjoy a sound full-night-sleep

Sleeping is an essential part of life and a night of quality sleep is important to have a good life. For this reason, you must sleep for six to seven hours because it always strengthens your immune system. This way you can fight off respiratory infections strongly. Short sleepers have been found more susceptible or vulnerable to infections. Better stick to an early bed-time and an early wake-up schedule, sleeping for at least six to seven hours. Always remember that a sleep-deprived immunity system does not work well.

3.  Always eat a balanced diet even when not Fighting Against Corona

By doing so, you can supply your body with all the essential nutrients. You require them to make your immune system healthy and strong to ward off infections. Eating a balanced diet having vitamins and minerals is good. It ensures that all the cells of your body including the immune cells receive all that they should. It further ensures that no deficiency of any important element is ever observed.

4.  Try to have light exercise and morning walk daily

This is very much necessary to keep you smart and fit. You will observe that within a few days you have got active and agile. Your blood will get thin and free of all the extra cholesterol due to the burning of surplus fats. Bones and muscles will get stronger and healthier which will improve your immune health reasonably.

5.  Avoid taking alcohol in excess

This is because it causes great harm to your immune system. The same goes true for smoking tobacco containing nicotine and caffeine. Narcotics are detrimental to both physical and mental health.

Women who follow the above-said lifestyle always possess excellent immune health. They usually remain way far from getting infected with COVID-19 or other respiratory disorders.

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