Surviving On Stone Cold Food: Inside Andrew Tate’s Insect-Infested Prison

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Surviving On Stone Cold Food: Inside Andrew Tate’s Insect-Infested Prison

Andrew Tate, a British kickboxer and former Big Brother contestant, is reportedly enduring harsh conditions in prison in the Democratic Republic of Congo. According to sources, Tate is being forced to eat stone-cold food that is infested with insects.

Tate was arrested in the Congo in January 2021 on charges of assault and battery. He has been held in custody ever since, with his trial repeatedly delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reports suggest that Tate is being held in a cramped cell with several other inmates and that the conditions are unsanitary and inhumane. The food he is being served is reportedly cold and unappetizing, and is often infested with insects.

Tate’s family and supporters have expressed concern for his well-being and have called on the British government to intervene. They have also launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for his legal fees and to support his family.

The situation in the Congo’s prisons has long been a cause for concern, with reports of overcrowding, poor sanitation, and human rights abuses. Tate’s case has brought renewed attention to the issue and has sparked calls for reform.

As of now, it is unclear when Tate’s trial will take place or what the outcome will be. In the meantime, he continues to endure harsh conditions in the Congo’s prison system.

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