How Spokin App Is Revolutionizing Food Allergy Awareness?

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How Spokin App Is Revolutionizing Food Allergy Awareness?

Food allergies and celiac disease affect millions worldwide, and finding safe food options can be challenging. This is where Spokin comes in, an app that helps people with food allergies and celiac disease find safe products, restaurants, and places to eat.

A Chicago-based entrepreneur and mother of a child with multiple food allergies Susie Hultquist founded Spokin. After struggling to find safe food options for her daughter, she realized that there was a need for a comprehensive resource for people with food allergies and celiac disease.

What Is The Spokin App?

The Spokin app allows users to create a personalized profile that includes their specific food allergies and dietary restrictions. The app then uses this information to suggest safe products and places eat. Users can also search for specific products, brands, or restaurants and filter their search results based on their dietary needs.

What Are The Features Of Spokin App?

One of the unique features of Spokin is its user-generated content. Users can share their own experiences and recommendations for safe products and restaurants, which are then reviewed and approved by Spokin’s team of experts to ensure accuracy and safety.

Another helpful feature of Spokin is its “emergency card,” which provides users with a printable card that lists their food allergies and emergency contact information. This card can be carried with them at all times, making it easier for them to communicate their food allergies in case of an emergency.

In addition to its app, Spokin also has a website that features a comprehensive database of safe products and restaurants. The website also includes resources and information on managing food allergies and celiac disease.


Overall, Spokin is a valuable resource for anyone with food allergies or celiac disease. Its user-friendly app and website make it easy to find safe products and places to eat. Its user-generated content provides a sense of community and support for those with food allergies and celiac disease. If you or someone you know has food allergies or celiac disease, try Spokin.

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