Why Not Do Some Good Deeds And Eat Tasty Food?

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Why Not Do Some Good Deeds And Eat Tasty Food?

As is evident from the records, the Elks Lodge once again held a lovely and delicious annual spaghetti day, as evidenced by the pictures that are on record.

Spaghetti Day

The annual Spaghetti Day celebrations included an overabundance of music, smiles, hugs, and spaghetti. Excellent pasta. With a rich marinara sauce, salad, and a choice of carrot or red velvet cake for dessert. The event’s genuine purpose, which was to feed the neighborhood, was made clear by the gourmet food.

Reasonable Price

Elks Lodge members and their families worked diligently to provide a home-cooked meal for the community at a reasonable price of $7 per person (children under the age of six ate for free).


These types of gatherings are an example of how the Elks Lodge and the local community are building a mutually beneficial partnership that benefits both parties.

Feature image: Pixabay

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