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How Do Fish Foods Work? Toy Game (For Ages 6+)

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How Do Fish Foods Work? Toy Game (For Ages 6+)

Fish food provides the ravenous fish with a fistful of worms to eat (hand of worm cards). The objective of the basic game is to be the first player to use up all of their worms by giving them to the Fish (empty your hand). The fish mechanism automatically detects a number of players. Let’s take a look at how to play this fish food game.

Fish Food Game

During the course of the game, the Fish will crack jokes, laugh at the players, make requests for food, and make other types of remarks.  It’s mostly suitable for 6+ years of kids. After the game’s conclusion, the Fish will undoubtedly divulge the victor’s identity.

How Does This Fish Food Toy Work?

At the beginning of the game, each player is dealt a hand of cards that contains an equal number of each of the 12 worm cards.

  • The Fish mechanism is activated by first being placed on the base and then having its fin pressed.
  • When it reaches one of the four-player spots, the Fish will spin and ask, “Are you ready to play?”
  • If a player occupies the spot, you must confirm by hitting the fish fin. In the event that this is not the case, the player only has to wait a few seconds for the Fish to advance to the next available player position.
  • The Fish will continue to spin until it eventually stops in a player’s direction at random.
  • It then waits for the player it is facing to feed it a worm card while making an artificial statement such as “I’m hungry.”

Fish Food Game Instructions

Players need to be fast, or the Fish will pass them by and go to the next person. When a worm is placed in the Fish’s mouth, it will make a crunching sound, spin about, and then randomly stop in a player position. It will then giggle and spit the worm card out while doing so. It is possible for it to spit out the card and give it to the player who first placed the worm in its mouth. This procedure will continue until, ultimately, one person will have no cards remaining in their hand, at which point they will be declared the winner of the game. The Fish will make the winning public announcement.

Advance Version

An advanced version of the gameplay involves stacking the cards according to their color before beginning play.

Each player is responsible for selecting the card stack that corresponds to the color of their player number located on the game base. Fish Food should be turned on, and everyone should push the Fish’s fin.

Aim: Fish Spin

It would be best if you aimed to acquire three cards of another player’s color rather than trying to get rid of your card when the Fish spins to you so that you may feed him. Press the Fish’s fin once after you have gathered three cards of a different color, and you will be declared the winner of the game.

Where To Buy?

Fish Food Game is available for purchase on a number of different websites online;

  • Top Secret Toys: $19.99
  • Walmart: $10.34
  • Amazon: $11.95
  • EBay: $15.45

About Publisher

Taken from the website of the publisher: Fish Food is a FINtastic game in which the fish are very intelligent and know how to play! Give him one of your cards to play with if he lands on you. Be careful the next time he spins the wheel since he could spit the card back at you. To win, you need to get rid of all of your cards. When the Fish has determined who won the game, it will announce the winner.

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