King Charles Bans – Foie Gras: For The Royal Residences At Buckingham Palace

King Charles Bans – Foie Gras: For The Royal Residences At Buckingham Palace

Has Charles, now King of the United Kingdom, changed since he was the Prince of Wales? Certainly, it hasn’t altered his position on foie gras. According to rumors, King Charles has continued a ban on foie gras from being served in his palaces from when he was a prince.

According to The Telegraph, in 2008, Prince Charles ordered all of his personal cooks to stop serving foie gras. (Three further years would pass before Buckingham Palace reportedly did the same thing.)

According to PETA’s report from last week, the new monarch has confirmed that he intends to implement this policy across all of his new royal homes.

The animal rights organization even claims to have delivered “a basket of luscious fake gras produced by famous vegan chef Alexis Gauthier” as a token of their appreciation. “PETA invites everyone to follow the king’s example and leave foie gras off the table this Christmas and beyond,” said Elisa Allen, vice president of programs for PETA in the United Kingdom.

The restriction apparently extends to all royal palaces, including Balmoral, Sandringham, Windsor Castle, Hillsborough Castle, and Buckingham Palace, with confirmation coming from Tony Johnstone-Burt, master of the King’s household. According to the letter, “there are no intentions to amend this policy.”

Although it is illegal to make foie gras in the United Kingdom at the moment, foreign-made foie gras is perfectly legal to eat. PETA has been lobbying for a nationwide ban on foie gras, calling the present policy a “contradiction.”

In the meanwhile, Charles, King of England, has a history of advocating for environmentally friendly agricultural practices. Earlier this year, he shared his experiences in the field of organic farming and his worries about the overuse of antibiotics.

The Guardian, he remarked in September, One of the reasons I turned organic 40 years ago was because I believed there was an excess of antibiotics. Also, I believed that pushing too hard would elicit negative responses. So, that’s what ended up occurring. Everyone I mentioned going organic to told me I was a fool.

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