Pepsi Announces Special-Edition Nutmeg Flavor

Pepsi Announces Special-Edition Nutmeg Flavor

To watch your game this winter, buy Pepsi Drink Coolers with Nutmeg flavor. Now is the ideal time for Pepsi to introduce the new Nutmeg flavor of its signature cola since it coincides with both the current soccer craze and the winter holidays.

Pepsi Drink Coolers: Mutmeg Royale

Pepsi has developed a short video homage called “Nutmeg Royale” in celebration of the thrills of the World Cup and to promote the new Nutmeg taste, which features sports legends like Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho celebrating soccer’s craftiest play, the nutmeg. Fans of the brand should keep attentive to the company’s social channels for further information on the debut of Pepsi Nutmeg, even if it is not yet available for purchase since the product is only available in an extremely limited amount.

Feature Image: Pixabay

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