Shrimp Lover Roll (A Tasty & Nutritious Snack): Your Carb-Free Meal

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Shrimp Lover Roll (A Tasty & Nutritious Snack): Your Carb-Free Meal

Looking for a quick snack or a light meal alternative? A shrimp lover roll might just be the fix you are waiting for. A fantastic combination of shrimp tempura, crab, and avocado, this roll is healthy and satiating.

What Is Uramaki Style?

Ebiten Makizushi in Japanese, a shrimp lover roll, is just like any other sushi roll. However, the shrimp is cooked. It contains tempura shrimp, crab, avocado, lettuce leaves, and cucumber in the middle. These are all wrapped in nori and sushi rice, then topped with cooked shrimp, avocado, or tobiko, i.e., flying fish roe. This sushi is also rolled with rice on the outside, which is known as the uramaki style.

What Makes A Shrimp Lover Roll Special?

The shrimp tempura sets a shrimp lover roll apart from other sushi rolls. Tempura is a popular way to fry meat, fish, and vegetables in Japanese foods. The special thing about tempura is the lightness of the batter, which results in a crispy golden shell that is a delight to eat. Tempura batter fries up to be light and airy and hence is a fairly common way to fry food items in Japan.
Shrimp tempura is especially famous as the delicacy of the shrimp meat pairs well with the crunch of the tempura batter. Shrimp tempura elevates the texture of the shrimp lover roll, paired with the avocado’s creaminess and the mayo’s spiciness.

Eating Shrimp Can be Good for your Health

Shrimps are a great source of protein and are low in carbs and fat. They are full of nutrients such as phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and sodium, which are great for bone and muscle health. Antioxidants present inside shrimps help to keep the body safe against inflammation.
Shrimps contain selenium, which is an important nutrient responsible for heart, thyroid, and immunity health. Enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, shrimps help to maintain hair and skin health. Shrimps are also considered a good dietary choice for pregnant and lactating women as they are low in contaminants such as mercury and promote the neuro-cognitive development of infants.

Foods to Avoid with Shrimp

Raw shrimp should not be consumed as it can induce food poisoning. Apart from this, any fruit with tannic acids, such as pomegranates, persimmons, grapes, and grapefruits, should be avoided. Milk should also be avoided.

Shrimp Lover Rolls on A Diet

If you are wondering whether you can enjoy shrimp lover rolls whilst on a diet, you sure can! Shrimps, as previously mentioned, are low on carbs. Hence they make a great alternative to carb-heavy meals. A shrimp lover roll amounts to a total of 440 calories. It contains approximately 60 grams of carbs, with 13g fat and 17g protein.
It is a great meal option for individuals opting for a low-calorie diet.

Making Shrimp Lover Roll At Home

It can be fairly simple to make a shrimp lover roll at home. To make one shrimp lover roll, you will need:


  • Sushi rice (cooked) 1 cup
  • Tempura Shrimp 2-3 pieces
  • Avocado 1 sliced
  • Crab/ Imitation crab 100 g
  • Cucumber half, thinly sliced
  • Nori one sheet
  • Spicy Mayo 3-4 tablespoons (Sriracha+Mayonnaise)


  1. Cook the sushi rice as per the instructions and let it cool.
  2. Use a sushi mat with a piece of parchment or plastic wrap. Spread a layer of rice over the sushi mat, pressing it firmly to hold its shape, then place the sheet of nori.
  3. Start assembling the filling on top of the nori sheet. Assemble some of the avocado, cucumber, tempura shrimp, and crab.
  4. Make spicy mayo with 1/4 tsp sriracha and 4 tbsp of mayo. Spread the spicy mayo on the nori.
  5. Lastly, securely wrap the roll. Remove it from the mat and place it on a cutting board. Place some avocado slices on top.
  6. Cut the wrap into smaller portions with a knife, wetting the knife each time to avoid the rice from sticking.

Combinations of Rolls

There is really no limit to what ingredients can be paired with shrimp tempura for a shrimp lover roll. The combinations can range from the standard avocado, cucumber, and crab to lettuce, sliced mango, mustard, caviar, and shrimp sauce. You can add whatever combination of fresh vegetables to enhance the flavor of your shrimp lover roll.

Serving A Shrimp Lover Roll

This dish can be served with a variety of dips and sauces. It is most commonly served with spicy mayo and eel sauce drizzled over the top. It can also be served with wasabi, cream cheese, or teriyaki sauce. Mustard may also be used. A popular sauce that is served in Japan with makizushi is karashimayo, a combination of mustard and mayonnaise.

Places to Eat Lover Roll

There are many great places to eat a shrimp lover roll. The following places have great options for their customers;

1. Benihana

This Japanese restaurant chain promises the authentic Japanese experience and has branches in California, Florida, Texas, Colorado, and Arizona. Their shrimp roll retails for $17.30.

2. Kabuki – Sushi and Thai

Located in Ballwin, Missouri, this restaurant retails its shrimp lover roll for $12. They also have the option to switch from white rice to brown rice for a healthier option.

3. Sakura #16

Situated in Winchester, Virginia, this restaurant serves its shrimp lover roll at $14.49.

4. Shimbashi Izakaya

This restaurant is located in Del Mar, California. Their shrimp lover roll retails for $21.

5. Carolina Sushi and Roll

This restaurant retails its shrimp lover roll for $14. The restaurant is located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Bottom Line

Shrimp Lover Rolls combine crunchy, fresh vegetables with perfectly fried and crispy tempura shrimp for added health benefits. Even if you’re on a diet, this snack is sure to be a delectable treat with its array of sauces.

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