5 Mother Sauces In 5 Minutes | Best Dips Of 2022

5 Mother Sauces In 5 Minutes | Best Dips Of 2022

What are the 5 mother sauces? Perhaps, those who know will say the brigade de French cuisine, even so, if unknown worry not I am not taking you into French history withal this article blames to seize your thumbs up impression. Pronto, it’s clichéd eating take out those instant pot meals across a tough week where I totally feel you! All the more motive looking frontward to the break-off when you have space to indulge during routine cooking.

The savoring home experiment to your palate with some quirky sauces for an extra kick of flavor. Touch-on, the 5 mother sauces; the classic Veloute sauce (using veal or chicken stock), Espagnole sauce, Pomodoro sauce, Béchamel sauce, and Hollandaise sauce. Add your twist to the super-rich recipe; mix a square of local herbs like basil, parsley or oregano, lemon juice, or white wine vinegar.

The 5 Mother Sauces

Let’s taste these delicious derivative sauces with your rice, pasta bake, or any meat allied meals.

1. Veloute

The first mother sauce is a classic for seafood lovers. The word veloute derives from French for its velvety texture.

Ingredients: Single Serving 

– Veloute is made from unroasted bones of white meat (40g).

– It’s a mixture of stock, 1/4 tbsp. flour, and 1/4 tbsp. butter to thicken with heavy cream until a smooth texture comes out.

Enhance a tangy twist flavor by a splash of lemon juice to the mixture. The definitive veloute use as a base for smaller sauces like Bercy, Aurora, and Normandy sauce.

a. Bercy Sauce

Steps: The 5 mother sauces category Bercy sauces; (2 medium) chopped shallots and (5 sprigs) parsley to the base sauce. Some 2tbsp. white wine and (7 drops) lemon juice enhances the flavor.

Yummy Mouthfuls: Bercy sauce with mini-carrots rice, baked vegetables, or summer sandwich dips.

b. Aurora Sauce

Steps: Aurora sauce is a variation of veloute that adds a bit of color to the sauce by adding tomatoes. You can grind fresh tomatoes or add tomato paste to the base sauce.

Yummy Mouthfuls: Aurora sauces fit well as a disparity to pizza sauce, with chicken or vegetable bake, and with egg fried rice.

c. Normande Sauce

Steps: Normande sauces whip up (4) egg yolk, (20g) heavy cream, and (10g) butter to add to the chicken veloute or fish veloute.

Yummy Mouthfuls: Normande sauce is usually served with seafood like baked salmon or shrimp.

2. Espagnole

The traditional brown sauce is brewed from the red meat sauce, 40g of beef bones, (any) vegetables, and brown sugar (as per taste). Not to be mixed up with demi-glaze, which is in fact a derivative sauce of Espagnole itself.

Ingredients: Single Serving 

– Reduce the stock until thick.

– Pour in 3tbsp. sherry wine to get the demi-glaze sauce.

– Demi glaze to enhance the flavor of vegetables in (A medium bowl of) pasta and rice.

– Tasteful variety of spices like (2 medium) cayenne pepper and (5 sprigs) dried herbs.

– Several smaller sauces

– Gravy to add chopped vegetables or meat to the sauce.

a. Charcutiere Sauce

Steps: Speaking of chopped vegetables, throw in three chopped-up onions and 2 cornichons to simmer in demi-glaze, mix it up with mustard, and 1/2 tbsp. white wine, and there you have it.

Yummy Mouthfuls: Charcutiere Sauce as gravy is perfect to go with your steak, baked rice, or vegetables.

b. Lyonnaise Sauce

Don’t like cornichons? No problem, go with an alternative. Lyonnaise sauce is a simpler version of Charcuterie sauce with no cornichons. Chop up 2 small onions; let them simmer in demi-glaze with a splash of white wine vinegar 5 drops), and you’re set!

c. Chasseur Sauce

Chasseur sauce on the other hand really amps up the Espagnole flavor game.

Steps: Add six sautéed mushrooms, two shallots, and 2 tbsp. white wine to the base sauce, reduce it to desired thickness, and let it simmer till demi glazed.

Yummy Mouthfuls: Add chasseur sauce as a side on barbeque weekends giving a handful of savory vegetarian goodness to the menu.

3. Pomodore

Pomodore is another sauce in 5 mother sauce that merges the flavor of tomatoes as its base ingredient. Not to be confused with marinara sauce, which has a runny flavor and much less flavor.

Ingredients: Single Serving 

– Pomodore sauce gets prepared by chopping (two medium) tomatoes.

– Cooking them in 2 tbsp. olive oil

– Fresh 500g green basil leaves until it turns smooth.

The trending pomodore sauce goes well in pizza, spaghetti, and baked vegetables. Also easily customizable and has inspired other cuisines to add their own twist to the recipe.

a. Spanish Sauce

Steps: All in the name for this one. The Spanish sauce is a Spanish alteration of the pomodore sauce. In addition to roasted two tomatoes, blend rich spices like one red pepper; enrich the mixture by adding 4 almonds and bread.

Yummy Mouthfuls: So go ahead, throw the ketchup bottle away because your fries just found a new best friend!

b. Creole Sauce

Steps: Creole sauce is a popular staple of Haitian cuisine, but did you know it’s actually pomodore sauce? Only better? Creole sauce is also known as red gravy, as the base pomodore sauce made with 4 fresh tomatoes is mixed in with sautéed (any 2) vegetables in 1/2 tbsp butter and 1 tbsp. olive oil.

Yummy Mouthfuls: Serve with garlic rice, meat, or mixed with soup to give in a hearty flavor.

c. Provencale Sauce

Steps: Provencale sauce enhances the base flavor of the sauce further by adding three onions, four garlic, and a pinch of various herbs.

Yummy Mouthfuls: Provencale sauce would make a delicious dip for burgers or evening snacks like cheese fingers or fries.

4. Béchamel 

Béchamel sauce is also a basic 5 mother sauce, a white sauce that is super easy to make; packs a ton of warmth and deliciousness.

Ingredients: Single Serving 

– The only three ingredients for the model sauce, are one cup of milk and 100g of flour to 250g of chicken or fish stock.

– Stir on low flame until smooth and thick.

Béchamel sauce is a signature part of lasagna, pasta, or meat steak meals. However, you can always try different combinations of additives to the base sauce and try it with a bowl of rice or vegetables.

a. Soubise Sauce

Steps: Soubise sauce adds another layer of flavor to the classic béchamel sauce by introducing onion sauce into the mix. Use store-bought or make one at home by sautéing two onions in 2tbsp. olive oil and stock. To thicken Soubise dip add half a cup rice or 100g heavy cream.

Yummy Mouthfuls: This partial 5 mother sauces; Soubise sauce is usually served with mac and cheese. Include (any three) chopped vegetables and 250g shredded chicken in the stuffing of mac. Go ahead, replace the mayo in your sandwich with some rich soubise sauce.

b. Nantua Sauce

Steps: Nantua sauce incorporates the specific salty flavor of 100g crayfish or shrimp into the basic béchamel sauce.

Yummy Mouthfuls: It can be served with steamed (any three) vegetables or mixed in with the soup. Just watch out for the saltiness.

c. Mornay Sauce

Steps: Here’s one for all the cheese fanatics out there. Three tbsp Mornay sauce is prepared by thickening the béchamel sauce further by adding grated cheese of your choice.

Yummy Mouthfuls: Mornay sauce is an ideal addition to hearty comfort meals like lasagna bake, two small baked potatoes, and cheese bowls for your movie time snacks.

5. Hollandaise

Hollandaise sauce is a staple of the chic English breakfast. If being a fan of egg benedict, you’re likely familiar with this one.

Ingredients: Single Serving 

– Prepared by mixing three egg yolks with 1 square of butter and 8 drops of lemon juice.

– It has a hearty flavor perfect for a breakfast of eggs and (any two) vegetables.

– A spoonful to your soup bowl to thicken and enhance the flavor, or add altered ingredients to your sauce and use it in different ways.

a. Dijon Sauce

Steps: Dijon sauce incorporates Dijon mustard into the classic hollandaise sauce.

Yummy Mouthfuls: Use steamed, baked meat or vegetables; topped up with freshly 4 sprigs of chopped parsley.

b. Foyot Sauce

Steps: Foyot sauce or béarnaise enhances the flavor of the base sauce (half-done 5 mother sauces) by adding three sprigs of each herb like basil, and oregano, then letting the mixture simmer with white wine vinegar or lemon juice.

Yummy Mouthfuls: Foyot sauce work with half bowl garlic rice, 1/4 cup cheese fingers, or two small English muffins.

c. Choron Sauce

Steps: In simplest terms, choron sauce adds a pop of color to the base foyot sauce by adding four tomato paste. The tomatoes also add a hint of sweetness to the sauce.

Yummy Mouthfuls: Serve this up with baked potato with a combination of Espagnole and a side of steamed (any two) vegetables to get a boost of serotonin on lazy days.

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