Are You Serious? 15% Of Austin Citizens Facing Food Insecurity

Are You Serious? 15% Of Austin Citizens Facing Food Insecurity

Many people are worried about where to get their next meal in Austin, Texas, as grocery prices climb steadily over time.

As seen by Jess Palmer, head of the Keep Austin Fed initiative, “Fifteen percent of our City’s population confronts food insecurity and hunger and that’s around 175,000 individuals.”

Since according to Palmer, this is a shocking fact. Many people in Central Texas still struggle with hunger despite the rising cost of food and other needs.

Do you plan to pay your rent or your utility bills? Do you intend to fill up the petrol tank? And where does food rank on that list,” Palmer said?

Keep Palmer highlighted the importance of Austin Fed’s collaboration with community organizations in reducing food waste, noting that so much edible food is thrown away every year.

She estimated that between 35 and 40 percent of the nation’s food supply was lost during production, processing, and distribution.

The charity has storage facilities all across the city, including refrigerators and freezers.

The organization’s goal is to provide fresh food to individuals in need while also making use of extra food donated by businesses like Trader Joe’s, restaurants, and other stores.

Demand will rise in tandem with prices.

“Our present partners are just inquiring as to whether or not they may get an additional food delivery,” Palmer said.

Palmer suggested several simple adjustments to combat this waste, particularly after holidays like Thanksgiving.

She said that making a weekly meal plan is the best method to ensure that your shopping list is complete.

Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated since they are vital to the organization’s success.

To visit one of our food donors, “we’ve set them up such that you know, it just takes maybe 30 minutes to an hour at the absolute most,” said Palmer.

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