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Green Beans From Cans Are The King Of Side Dishes | Smothered In Vinegar

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Green Beans From Cans Are The King Of Side Dishes | Smothered In Vinegar

When we think of food, we want it to be nutritious and flavorful. We want to taste something that helps in waking our sleepy taste buds. When the food is not according to our liking, we try to give it our personal twists that can make it appetizing. This is from where the side dishes come. Adding side dishes to your Bland food can make it more flavorsome and ambrosial. If you are looking for a side dish that can bring life into your life with less food, then hold onto your seats because we’ll be introducing you to an amazing side dish that can change your life. Canned green beans are the perfect side dish to turn your food into something exciting, and don’t you worry, these aren’t the same plain and ordinary green beans; these are special. There are numerous ways of canning green beans, for example, green beans with vinegar, green beans with seasoning, and so on. So fellows, let’s see how these delicious green beans are canned.

Canning Green Beans

There are numerous methods of canning green beans, and each and every one of them is delicious and surprisingly tasteful in its own way. Some of the common methods include:

Canning Green Beans In Water Bath

  • One of the ways to can green beans is to add them to a water bath. Water bathed green beans last longer.
  • For the preservation of green beans using the water bathing method is the best.
  • The method of canning green bean’s in water is very simple. Just take some freshly picked greens and beans and cut off their ends.
  • Now cut the green beans into bite size piece and rinse them clean. Add these into the jars, and add salt and vinegar.
  • This helps reduce the acidity and maintain the water’s PH level. Place the jar inside boiled water for 5 minutes. Water-bathed green beans are ready.

How Long To Water Bath Green Beans?

If you’re using a pressure canner, 20 minutes is more than enough for water-bathing green beans. On the other hand, if you’re using a water bath canner, I’ll only take 5 minutes. This is the advantage of using fresh pickled green beans. It takes minimal time to process them, and they turn out super delicious.

Homestead Heart Canning Green Beans

Another method for canning green beans is using the homestead heart method. Homestead heart is a YouTuber who lives on a farm and enjoys the farm life. Here’s canning green beans went viral and is now the most used method. It is as follows:

  • Take some freshly pickled green beans and rinse them clean. Snap off their ends and cut them into bite-size pieces. Now take a jar and add your green beans In it.
  • Take a knife and make it go through around the green beans to make sure that there aren’t any air spaces. Add in water and salt.
  • Put on the lid and then put the jars in a pressure canner. Use the pressure canner for 20 minutes, and you’ll have your green beans ready.

Canning French Style Green Beans

The process of canning French style green beans is also similar. Take some freshly pickled green beans.

  • Cut off their stems and cut them into bite size pieces. Wash them clean. Now take the green beans and slice them from the middle such that they form 2 halves.
  • This is known as the French cut. Now add them inside the jar. Add water, salt, and vinegar. Close the lid of the jar and put it inside the pressure canner. Your green beans are ready.

Canning Seasoned Green Beans

Now, these type of green beans is the most delicious ones. They taste so good and are so enticing that you will want to have them again and again. Now the process is pretty simple.

  • Take some green beans and give them any cut you like. Add them to a jar.
  • Add water, butter, salt, pepper, onion powder, and paprika. Seal the lid and put the jar in a pressure canner.
  • Now take this out in a Skittle and let the mixture simmer till it evaporates. Enjoy your green beans.

How To Can Green Beans Using Cooking Methods?

Now if you don’t have a pressure canner, then there are some other methods that you can use to make canned greens. These methods are simple and easy.

Canning Green Beans Without Pressure Cooker

If you don’t have a pressure canner, this method is for you.

  • Take your green beans. Snap off their ends and wash them clean. Cut them into bite-size pieces. Add these into a jar. Top with salt and vinegar, and seal the jar using an airtight lid.
  • Place this jar in boiling water for 5 minutes. This method is known as the water bathing method.

How Long To Pressure Can Green Beans?

A major advantage of using pickled green beans over fresh green beans is the fact that they take a lot less time to prepare. The maximum time it takes for green beans to process in a pressure cooker is 20 minutes. It’ll take a minimum of 20 minutes for your beans to get ready.

Canning Green Beans In The Oven

This method is very simple if you have an oven. The preparation method is the same. Take green beans, snap off the ends, and cut them into bite-size pieces. Add inside the jar, and top with canning salt and regular salt. Add on the lids and place the jars inside a cold oven leaving spaces in between the jars. Turn the temperature to 250 and cook for 4 hours. Let the jars cool before taking them out. Oven made green beans are ready.

Canning Green Beans The Old Fashions Way

The old fashion way of canning green beans is water bathing. You must chop your green beans into small pieces, sprinkle them with salt, and add boiling water to ensure they are blanched properly. It is important to seal the jars and put them in a pressure canner before they are canned. In no time at all, you will be able to enjoy your green beans.

Canning Green Beans Recipe

Canning green beans may seem easy, but you must be careful of many things. If your green beans aren’t canned properly, they can be exposed to various bacteria.

Botulism Green Beans

Green beans are low acid food which requires high temperatures from a pressure canning process In order to destroy the potentially deadly bacterial spores of Clostridium botulinum. This is a deadly toxic that, if even consumed in a small amount, can cause harm. This is why green beans require the canning process because if they aren’t properly processed, they can be dangerous. Here’s how you can prevent your green beans from getting intoxicated with Clostridium botulinum.

Prevention From Botulism

The only way to prevent botulism is by processing the green beans, but here are some things you can take care of while doing so.

  1. Make sure that you are using the correct canning method.
  2. Use the pressure canning method instead of the water canning method.
  3. Be sure to sterilize your jars.
  4. Make sure that your green beans are clean.
  5. Clean your pressure canner nicely before processing.
  6. Canning green beans with vinegar

What To Serve With Green Beans?

As we know, green beans are a side dish, but did you know that we can add some extra taste to them by using some simple ingredients? Here are some ways to serve your green beans:

Canning Green Beans With Onion

Green beans with onion is the best combo but canning green beans with onion can be tricky because onion’s take 40 minutes to process in a pressure canner while it takes only 25 minutes for the green beans to do so. And if you pressurize both of the them for 40 minutes you can end up with mushy green beans. Experts suggest that you can your green beans separately and when they are done just mix them with some sautéed onions. This adds an enticing taste to the beans without ruining them.

Canning Green Beans With Bacon

Another recipe to try if you’re not a vegetable fan. Bacon can add a flavorsome taste to your green beans, and you won’t even feel the greens. In spite of the fact that both of these are low acid eatables, there are no processing recommendations for canning bacon. Experts advise that it’s best to can green beans as they are and then serve them with bacon as a side dish.

Green Beans With Vinegar And Salt

This is a vintage method of canning green beans. The preparation process is the same. Take your green beans, snap their ends off, and cut them into bite-size pieces. Add them to a jar, fill it with water, and top off with salt and vinegar. Seal the jars with airtight lids and put them inside the pressure canners. Your green beans are ready.
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