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Shower Onions TikTok | Best Way To Get Rid Of Unwanted Odor

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Shower Onions TikTok | Best Way To Get Rid Of Unwanted Odor

Ever heard of shower onions? Do you want to get rid of the unwanted odor that practically lives in your bathroom? You might be confused about how both of these are connected, right? Well, folks, be ready to get more surprised because they are actually related. Yes, you heard us right shower onions are a thing, and it isn’t just some silly prank. There’s a logical reason behind this whole TikTok trend of keeping onions in your shower rooms. Shower onions TikTok is a TikTok trend that escalated quite quickly and got famous in no time. We all know how crazy social media can get, but this hack may save you from dying out of the bad smell. So keep on reading and find out more about this crazy yet effective trend that caused social media to split.

What Are Shower Onions?

While many people don’t know about this, keeping onions in your bathroom can help you cancel out the bad smell always lingering inside your bathroom. It may sound crazy, but it actually works, and there’s a whole logical reason behind this. Onions are natural deodorizers, meaning they can absorb smells, unpleasant and otherwise. So you see, keeping onions in your bathroom can be of great help. So if you need to get rid of some unwanted odor, you know what to do.

Who Started The Shower Onion Trend?

While many people knew about this hack before TikTok, no one talked about it un till a TikTok user, @karalynndunton, posted a video of her checking the bathroom of a guy she met on tinder. While the bathroom was home to standard items like shampoo, toothpaste, floss, etc, her clip also included a peek of a bowl of shower onions resting at the top of the toilet tank. Karalynn jokingly gave them the name shower onions and got all excited. She was very much surprised by her acquaintance’s choice of bathroom decoration. On the one hand, many users were already familiar with the concept of keeping onions in the bathroom; some, on the other hand, were still unfazed. This caused the video of Karalynn to go viral. The curiosity of the viewers, the controversy, and the constant sharing got her famous. Later on, BuzzFeed, Karalynn admitted that she planted the whole shower onion thing as a joke she didn’t know that it actually was a thing and that it’ll get her this famous. She was utterly surprised to see that this joke was her top trending topic on Google.

Is It Really Okay To Keep Onions In The Bathroom?

There has been a huge controversy over this all over TikTok. Those who were already aware of this concept say that it’s really helpful and that they don’t find a problem In doing so. At the same time, those who got exposed to this through Karalynn think that it’s nonsense and that food shouldn’t be kept inside the bathroom. Many found it funny, while many found it offensive. After all, it’s social media; you cannot expect us all to agree on the same things, do you? Everyone had different reactions, positive and negative, but what matters is that this trend was the talk of the town for a long, long time.

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