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Shower Onions Tiktok -The Best Neutralizer By Karalynn Dunton

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Shower Onions Tiktok -The Best Neutralizer By Karalynn Dunton

One new day, with a new TikTok food trend – shower onions. Tiktok continues to credit some of the strangest but absolutely fantastic storylines in the world. Here’s more on Karalynn Dunton’s shower onion, one of the finest foods to neutralize nasty bathroom odors.

So, what’s the logic behind it, and why is showering onions on Tiktok growing more popular? Read this article to find out what’s driving this trend. While “shower onions” may sound like a silly prank, there is a rational and practical reason why some individuals keep onions in their showers or bathroom.

Shower Onions Why?

In February, Karalynn Dunton, a TikTok user, released a video of herself inspecting the bathroom of a guy she met on Tinder. In addition to shampoo, dental floss, and toilet paper, Karalynn’s clip showed a bowl of “shower onions” on the toilet tank. As though everyone kept an array of onions in the bathroom at all times, the video declares, Look at his shower onions.

It’s impossible to keep up with everything that’s going on in the TikTok world, and you’ve probably grown tired of the constantly changing trends. Onion-spraying is the latest weird phenomenon to sweep the Internet. This TikTok kitchen craze of shower onions may look, but it is actually a useful life hack for keeping your bathroom odor-free. “Onions and showers?” What are you talking about?” That’s TikTok for you, making possible things you never would have imagined were possible!

Shower Onions TikTok

If you haven’t heard about TikTok in a while, or if you just don’t care, here’s a great topic. Karalynn Dunton, a popular TikTok user who is also a writer, actor, and comedian, just shared a video in which she finally meets the man she’s been corresponding with online. She’s in his bathroom taking a look since, as the saying goes, a girl can tell a lot about a man by the state of his bathroom. Onions are seen in a dish while Dunton focuses on the man’s amenities in the bathroom. Because of his “perfectionism,” she claims, he even retains shallots and eats into one “emotionally” in the end.

What Are Shower Onions?

Before TikTok made onions renowned for their ability to absorb odours, they were commonly used in the bathroom to eliminate musty odours and keep the space smelling fresh. Shower onions operate in the same manner as baking soda in the refrigerator, removing unpleasant odours. Keeping a bowl of onions in the bathroom for a day will help get rid of the smell.

 TikTok and its trends are always changing, so why not use a natural deodorizer? Below you will get couple of answers.

Using shower onions is as simple as just peeling and slicing them up.

sliced onion

What To Do?

  • Add the slices to a bowl, or a plate, leave it overnight and watch the smell be gone.
  • The onion will absorb the smell from the environment and lose its own smell.
  • If you want to avoid tearing up while cutting the vegetable, you could also just leave whole, uncut, onions in a bowl, as they seem to work just as well.

Why Do People Keep Onions In The Bathroom?

You may be wondering how to test practice this TikTok shower onion, watch this video to see how:

How To Get Rid Of Onion Smell In Shower? (The After Effects)

The easiest way to fix this problem is to flush your drains with hot water. White vinegar and baking soda can also be used to unclog clogged pipes. Wait at least 40 minutes before flushing the water out of the pipe.

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Why Does My Shower Water Smell?

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home, thus the owner takes special care to keep it spotless. Even with the finest maintenance, homeowners may still have issues with bad odours.

Is there anything that could cause such a strong stench? If so, how can I fix the problem before using the shower onion method?

You may have one of several issues caused by the following, but don’t worry as I’ve got you covered with solutions:

1. Harmful bacteria underneath the toilet bowl

Try this: Add bleach to your flush tank to eradicate bad smell and eliminate bacteria to multiply. 

2. P-Trap 

Try this: Add baking soda for some time and then run water from the pipe. 

3. Damaged Toliet 

Try this: It might be sewage gas due to limited water flow. 

4. Shower drain clog

Try this: Check your vent pipe and remove any blockage from it.

The Onion

As an added bonus, onions are known for absorbing germs while neutralizing the air’s smell. So, it should go without saying not to consume those onions, as Dunton did in the TikTok video.

This hack is particularly helpful for poorly ventilated bathrooms or those that do not have windows to have a proper transfer of fresh air.

sliced red onion

Uses For Onions

There are many uses of onions in our life. Some of the most helpful are:

  • Help reduce cholesterol
  • Lower down bee sting pain
  • Increase the supply of antioxidant (Glutathione)
  • Stops cold and decreases sore throat
  • Control blood sugar level
  • Hair growth

Learn some of the easiest ways to use onion for extreme hair growth:

  • Helps to reduce dark spots on the skin
  • A great solution to cure blood clots, bronchitis and asthma.
  •  Can get rid of body toxic to improve health condition (obesity)
  • Maintains brain strength
  • May assist prevent cancer

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How To Store Onion?

Find out the best possible ways to store onion for any purpose, whether it be for in bath shower to eliminate bad odor or some kind of incredible recipe. Here you go:

Although shower onions are a good life hack, the smell of onions or crying is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are other natural alternatives you could give a try, such as:

1. Baking Soda

Another life hack, baking soda can not only act as a cleaning ingredient, but can also help eliminate funky smells. To use it, rub the soda on different parts of the washroom and then rinse properly.

2. Essential Oils

Essential oils not only smell amazing, but also reduce stress, so they are a perfect deodorizer for your washrooms! They are concentrated extracts from plants coming in different scents, such as peppermint, lemon, lavender, rosemary, and such. Apply them directly to different parts of the bathroom and let the scents diffuse into the air.

3. Lemon

Placing slices of lemons in the corners of bathrooms is also a great way to get rid of bad odors. The lemon gives off a distinctly citrusy scent, neutralizing the bathroom odor and making the room smell fresh.

4. Coffee

Coffee in the washroom? You might be having another say what moment, but just like shower onions, the coffee powder can absorb the foul odor from the bathroom as well as provide a welcome and refreshing scent. Add the grounds to a cloth pouch and leave them in a dry corner.

5. Plants

Not only do plants give a touch of greenery and liven up the room, but they also provide fresh natural fragrance and make your bathroom more refreshing. Your bathroom décor will be on point and your sense buds will give you a high five!

6. Apple Cider Vinegar 

This is more the most flavory type used in cooking as well. Apple cider vinegar is one of the best kinds that is fermented with crushed apples and have many medical benefits too!


1. Is onion used as an Odor -neutralized? 

It’s one of the best possible homemade options.

2. Does washing onions stop you from crying in the bathroom?

Make use of a very simple trick here, run the slices of onion through water before keeping them in the bathroom so that the sulfuric compound that makes tears could be washed away.

3. My basement has poor ventilation, what should I do?

Just cut the onion place it on a plate and let it stand for at least a day or 2. It will freshen up the entire basement.

4. What is shower orange?

It might sound funny but I might try it someday. It’s for people who enjoy food during the shower – having an orange in their hands.

Watch here to see if they work with you too:

5. Do you eat shower onions?

Absolutely not! Because it would have consumed all the foul odor of your bathroom and smelly bacteria.

6. Many people also asked – What the f** are shower onions? 

It’s one of the latest running trends on Tiktok about placing slices (large pieces) of onions in a bowl to refreshen your bathroom’s foul odor.

We are open to more questions related to our topic. Do let us know about your experience and feedback. 

Keeping your immune system strong after the shower with a fruit bowl:

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