Domino’s: US’s Largest Electric Pizza Delivery Fleet By 2023| Zero Carbon By 2050

Domino’s: US’s Largest Electric Pizza Delivery Fleet By 2023| Zero Carbon By 2050

The United States is home to 6,643 Domino’s Pizza restaurants. That is a large number of drivers carrying out a large number of deliveries, resulting in a large number of emissions. The pizza restaurant, however, revealed this week that they are taking a huge step toward reducing the amount of petroleum they use by rolling out over 800 new hybrid cars. This month, Domino’s reports that more than one hundred ‘2023 Chevy Bolts’ that have been branded with the company’s logo would be arriving at chosen sites around the nation that are both corporately owned and franchised.

In addition, “in the coming months,” production of an additional 700 of these automobiles is scheduled to begin.

Domino’s is already the largest pizza chain in the United States based on the number of locations. They have announced that once all of their electric delivery vehicles are operational, they will be able to brag about having “the largest electric pizza delivery fleet in the country.” Pizza Hut is currently in second place.

Domino Electric Deliver

Domino’s started delivering pizza in 1960 with a Volkswagen Beetle. In 2015, they released the DXP, a custom-built pizza delivery vehicle. They have tested autonomous pizza delivery with cars and robots. According to Russell Weiner, the company’s chief executive officer, they are now leading the way in the future of pizza delivery.

Domino’s pizza delivery has always been on the cutting edge, and electric delivery cars make sense as vehicle technology keeps getting better. By the year 2050, we have promised to have net-zero carbon emissions, and this is one way that we can start reducing the impact we are having on the environment, one delivery at a time.

Domino claims there are several benefits to using these new Bolts. In addition to the environmental and financial benefits of using an electric fleet. The company also touts the possibility of hiring delivery workers who do not have access to their own vehicles.

The collaboration is beneficial for both parties, including Chevy owner General Motors. Domino’s will be the first pizza delivery company in the United States to use all-electric Chevrolet Bolt EVs.

Both organizations share a dedication to reducing their environmental impact. By 2035, General Motors expects all new light-duty cars sold in the United States to be emission-free. The Chevrolet Bolt EV is the future of Domino’s electric deliveries because of its low cost, enjoyable handling, and 259-mile range.

Bottom Line

Domino’s has even launched a website, dominos.com/evfleet. It details where and how many of these new electric delivery vans can be located by the end of 2023. Assuming all 855 Chevrolet Bolts find their way to various Domino’s locations. That’s around 13% of all Domino’s restaurants that use vehicles are electric.

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