Homemade Cake Toppers: How To Make Them? | Christmas Week

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Homemade Cake Toppers: How To Make Them? | Christmas Week

When it comes to cakes, we always want them to be eye-catching along with being delicious. We always end up struggling when it comes to finding the perfect cake decorations for our cake. Well, fellow, the struggle is ending right here because we have the best eye-catching cake decoration for you that will make your cake shine Among all the others. The nightmare before Christmas cake topper is the best and most eye catching theme for your cake decorations. So let’s move on and find out how these decorations are made.

How To Make A Nightmare Before Christmas Cake Topper?

The cake topper is pretty easy to make; you just need a few ingredients.


  • Cookies: Milano cookies are the most suggested ones, but you can use any per your liking.
  • Chocolate: you can either use dark chocolate or milk chocolate; the choice is yours.
  • Black food coloring
  • Yellow, Green, and purple fondant.

Method To Make The Topper

  1. Take the yellow fondant and roll it out, making it smooth. Now take a knife and cut the edges forming a nice round circle.
  2. The circle should be 4 inches. You can use a biscuit for reference; that way, your circle will come out perfect.
  3. Take two popsicle sticks and stick them on the back side of the circle. Let it dry at room temperature for 24 hours. Don’t cover it.
  4. The next day makes a spiral hill drawing with jack and sally’s silhouettes.
  5. Use a very thin paintbrush and black food coloring.
  6. Now take the orange fondant and roll it out. Form small pumpkins out of it and let them dry.
  7. Use the green fondant to make the pumpkin tops out of it.
  8. For the gravestone, take the chocolate and carve it in the form of a gravestone.
  9. Using the same black food coloring, write RIP on it and add other details like cracks.
  10. Let all of this set meanwhile; you can prepare your cake.
  11. A chocolate cake with black frosting will look amazing with these decorations.


Take your frosted cake and add crushed Cookies to it, so it looks like soil. Now take the spiral hill topper and insert it in the middle of the cake. Now take the gravestone and insert it near the spiral hill cake topper. Surround the gravestone with the pumpkin, so it looks like a pumpkin patch. Voila, your amazing eye-catching cake topper and cake are ready to be served.

Final Thoughts

The nightmare before Christmas cake topper is an amazing way to add charm to your cake decorations and is the best possible option to make your cake look more exciting and eye-catching. It adds a mesmerizing look to your cake and makes it more charming.

Feature Image: Pixabay

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